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Friday, December 16, 2016

Before and After with DIGI Postpaid

As we all know, there is nothing worse than having no DATA on our mobile phone. Today is all about internet and social media because it’s 21st Century, duh. All I can say is we are blessed to have internet data that we can access to our favourite social media and apps, all day errday! Of course, I have something to share with you that I’ve just shared with my bestie about the NEW Digi Postpaid Plan! And it sounds like a super good deal not to be missed!
 And yes, that's my friend taking a picture of us in a reflection hahah! Of course, I told her as well!

If you guys do not know, me as a DiGi user for so many years - almost 12 years! They constantly coming out with an great plans every few month. But I do know that among all the plans I’ve heard, THIS is by far the most amazing one - Digi Postpaid (RM110/month)Here are some reasons why I REALLY need unlimited internet data quota for mobile phone.

Stream songs from Spotify’s playlist during the weekend while working out.

My favourite playlist / band in the whole wide world - Coldplay

Spotify, only music to my ears while working out. Due to limited internet quota, it drives me nuts that I had to off mobile data usage for my Spotify app, so basically I can’t really listen my favourite songs anytime and anywhere once it reaches my quota. There goes boring music-less running workout. *cries*

Currently with 25GB all day and UNLIMITED 4G weekend, I’m able to play any songs from every playlist that Spotify even though they are not downloaded, all day everyday especially when I'm out on the road during the weekend! Say no more to repetitive songs on the radio!


Catching up with new Youtube videos for my favourite Youtubers over the weekend.

Typically, I would not even want to use my mobile to watch  any Youtube videos because my phone could eat up my limited internet quota, which is kinda annoying. What even frustrates me is that there are moments when I received a message saying that I’ve used up 75% of my internet quota, because my phone wasn’t connected to the WiFi. *flips table angrily* Ended up paying extra  to top up my internet quota for the rest of the month. 

Now, I could just ease my worries using my phone to catch up my favourite youtube videos anytime and anywhere, especially vlogmas! 

Snapchatting all over the weekend with besties!

My favourite app at the moment, Snapchat. Oh, did you know that Snapchat is SECRETLY eating all of your data? It’s GIGABYTES, you guys. I couldn’t snap while I was outside because it is eating up my limited internet quota, unless I’m in a location that has WiFi. Ughhhhhh. 

Thanks to the new plan, I could snap all day errday! 
I can finally snap everything right away - every moments during my work, what I’m eating or hanging out at the bar with my bestie or maybe attempting to snap a mini-blog OR sneakily taking snaps of my friend's embracing moments hahaha! Endless possibilities with snapchat!

The NEW Digi Postpaid plan promises customers more internet quota as well as the ability to rollover unused quota to enjoy in the following month. With RM110/month, you get to enjoy 25GB All Day with UNLIMITED 4G Weekend and UNLIMITED calls to ALL networks! Not just that, you'll get additional of 3GB internet data from the internet rollover of your unused internet data from the previous month. How awesome is that! 

To all wanderlusters out there, you will get to enjoy FREE roaming (5GB + 60 minutes call) in five countries - Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Brunei. Instead of getting a new local sim card each time you visit Bangkok, you can just continue to use your current sim card and enjoy 5GB internet data and 60 minutes call. I’m gonna do that when I’m travelling to Bangkok on January! 

Log on to Digi website at to find out more details about the new Digi Postpaid plan!

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