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Monday, May 16, 2016

[REVIEW]: Visible results with Moist Diane's Extra Shine range

Hello lovelies! Have you ever get frustrated with bad hair day? Well I do. From getting my hair bleached and dyed couple of times, it gets really dry and damaged in long term and sometimes it gets on my nerves when it took me hours to get my hair untangled. Did you know that getting dull and lifeless hair does look 8.5 years older physically? It was scientifically proven that hair brightness does influences the impression of others have on the person’s age. So my dear friends, it’s time to get your hair bright and younger!  

Recently, I’ve came across a new brand called Moist Diane, a Japanese premium salon-quality haircare brand which are pretty popular in Japan. I heard about this brand was when Xia Xue recommended about how good the haircare products was and so, I give it a shot with Moist Diane Extra Shine Range. 
As good as it sounds, the brand claims as the New Generation of Platinum Fiber Oil Shampoo as it promotes light reflection with their exclusive mesh-structured ingredients (such as potato, Fenugreek seed and Carob seed) for light and weightless coating on hair without any burden. 
These ingredients helps to contribute Platinum Fiber Technology as it repairs damaged hair by coating each strand, enhancing enhances radiance while restoring brightness and shine. Not only that, it contributes by increasing hair shine and allows deep penetration of Nano particles for repairing and moisturising of the hair with Nano Platinum Booster Technology. 
I’m pretty sure you must be wondering - wouldn't be more greasy and clog hair follicles by using oils? Absolutely not, these oils provide the best nutrients for your scalp and your hair as it gives moisture, shine and repair without leaving any greasy residue. Moist Diane Extra Shine Series contains 8 types of oils which are known for high antioxidant properties including 3 types of fruit extracts.

Moist Diane Extra Shine Series has 3 Winning Benefits
  1. Deep Cleanse - Uses high quality rare oils to remove excess sebum and product buildup 
  2. Deep Repair & Penetration - Repairs hair from deep within 
  3. Deep Moisturization - Nourishes hair for extra shine 

The shampoo is a non-greasy oil shampoo with a texture of slightly watery and it has a pleasant sweet floral scent which I adore while I was using the product. The shampoo is easy to lather with just a small amount of liquid. 

For Moist Diane, it doesn't categorise as conditioner but instead, a treatment because of it’s amazing ingredient of oils as it repairs your hair at the same time providing the best shine. I love how easy to handle my frizzy and unmanageable hair was when I applied them and having a mild sweet floral scent that creates my shower experience more relaxing. 

Finally, one of my favourite products among the series. Even though the treatment has given me amazing results for my hair, this hair mask does wonders on my hair. It has a thick consistency but it’s easy to apply on my hair and typically I would leave it for about 5 - 10 minutes to let my hair intensively repair my damaged hair with just a small amount. 

Typically my hair was dry and coarse due to over-bleaching and dying for quite couple of times and sometimes it took some effort to detangle them. Right after using Moist Diane, I can see improvements on my hair especially on my bleached hair - no sight of split ends, tangle-free and looking more skinny as my hair locks looked more vibrant! Since it’s a oil shampoo, the products doesn't leave any greasiness or any oil reside but instead giving my hair more moisture and shine. Hence, leaving my hair looking really healthy and soft! 

Moist Diane is suitable for any hair types especially for dull & lifeless hair! 

Only available in Watsons Malaysia nationwide!

For more information, visit Moist Diane Malaysia for more updates; 

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