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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Level up your inner wear with Sloggi ZERO Lace!

Hello lovelies! You guys already know my go-to inner wear is Sloggi which I’ve mentioned couple of times before on my blog and social media. I wear them everyday and I’m loving it! Superb quality and amazing fit and I can’t say enough things about this brand. Sloggi ZERO has 4 range - Basic, Cotton, Micro and finally Lace - which is what I’m gonna talk about in this blog post. 
Sometimes finding a perfect fit can be tough - from the size to the material. Especially seeing those visible lines of your inner wear can sometimes be embarrassingly enough, those underwear lines when wearing a slim fit dress, just no. Hence, it’s really important to choose the right innerwear for yourself while physically looking good. 

 If you’re a person who prefer basic while likes a little of lace, this collection is might be for you!  Which basically means - your personality are simple but playful at the same time. Honestly, who doesn’t love lace details?

  • Seamless Innerwear 
  • Soft & Smooth
  • Breathable & Natural
  • Provide some volume to look more fuller 
  • Comfortable enough like you’re not wearing a bra 
Even though it has lacey finish, it was comfortable as the innerwear has satin-smooth skin feel created by light fabric and it was enhanced with micro-brush technique. Sloggi ZERO Lace has a unique technology called Advance Bonding Technology for thin cup edges under all clothing which allows truly visible fashionable look all the time. 

The collections comes with amazing pastel colours and various types of bras such as push up bra, push up non-wired and detachable ones! 

As usual, I was consulted by a lady staff in the store and she recommended couple of bras to try on according to my size and fit. 

I proceeded to try out couple of colours available to see which colours looks good on me and therefore, I decided to go out of my choice of nudes and choose this blue colour instead! Doesn’t this color looks pretty on flatlay? 

I love how the delicate lace finish does brings out the playful silhouette while you can look playful and feeling invisible at the same time!

I’ve always has bad impression on lacey bras as they can be rough and making my body itchy at the same time which I tend to avoid them as much as I could but for Sloggi ZERO, I don’t have any problems at all! It’s ultra soft and smooth as it feels like I’m wearing satin and the fit was amazing as I don’t feel like I’m wearing bra! While wearing other clothing, it look seamless and flawless at the same time and not only that, I love wearing their undies especially wearing slim fit dress!

I highly recommend to try out Sloggi ZERO Lace and you can ease your worries away with this range as you can say GOODBYE to embarrassing visible lines! 

Sloggi ZERO collection retails at; 
Bras:  RM169 | Panties: RM59.90

Available at all Sloggi counters nationwide. 

For more information, visit Sloggi Malaysia for more updates; 

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