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Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Showroom Visit at Reo Suite

Hello lovelies! Have been scrolling onto your social media and tend to stumbled upon #reosuite and seeing tons of beautiful interior space and beautiful furnitures? Well I do. Recently, I’ve heard about REO Suite and it has been a hot topic among the blogging community. I was really curious to know what it is and eventually I asked some of my blogger friends, they recommended me to find about the space unit and so I took my initiative and headed to their show house to take a look of what is whole fuss is all about.

 I can assure to tell you that their showroom is pretty cool, it has a very informal type of showroom that I’ve ever come across where they have pool table, coffee machine, beanie couches, which is basically like a place for youngsters like us to hang out. Pretty cool! The highlight part about the showroom was what they have offered in Reo Suite.  
Let’s be honest, buying a house is not cheap and houses are getting more expensive every year. Since it has been a phenomenon where young generations tend to invest on living in a apartments where it is relatively cheaper than buying house and it is easier to maintain and clean in your own comfort space. Plus, we younger generations most likely and preferably to have the most minimal type of our own space. Convenience and fuss free. 

You know what would be great? It would be awesome to have a ideal working environment, which can be informal, fun, relax and also, work-life balance and stress-free! Just like how Google office works! Who is still in the traditional cubicle work space anyway? Those are so old-school. heh. 

I love the interior design of the REO Suite space, it is so simplistic and space saving too! From a workspace table into sofabed - talk about 2 in 1 usage!(bottom of the bed is a desk which reminds me of Ikea concept)  

 This is a sample showroom of a boy’s Studio Suite / workspace

 I love the girl’s Studio Suite and workspace which obviously I’m a girl with a taste of anything revolves pink colour around haha!

Overall, I think the REO Suite space is pretty spacious that other spaces that I’ve seen so far and it would be an ideal working space and investment. 

If you’re interested to lounge around and wanted to check out this awesome showroom, do come and visit REO Suite today!

Ground Floor, MCT Tower, One City 
Jalan USJ 25/1, 
47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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