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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DEAR 2015.

Dear 2015, 

If you are a book, I would look through by chapters starting from Page 1 of 365. However, it would be too long to write it down in one blog post but instead, I will refresh some of my moments and points of life that I wanted to list down for the year 2015. 

I started to paint on the beginning of the year. The last time I painted was 6 years ago. I'm glad I still have that ability to paint. It was a big step on my life. My artwork was not perfect but I'm still learning. 

I had been dreading to join marathons since 2013 and until this year I took my opportunity to participate more marathons and theme runs as I can. Had so much fun and gained some friendships throughout the events. The toughest marathon event I joined was Nike 21K run, it's so tiring but rewarding. Not only that, I went through 4 months of yoga classes throughout my internship (because it's free so why not) and went up to Broga Hill for the first time with Joshua & Matthew! 

The last time I travel out of the country was 5 years ago and the last place I went was Beijing and this year I was blessed to travel to South Korea because of opportunities that came in 2014. I've learned a lot about the Korean culture and see new things along the way and yes, I would love to go back to Seoul! FYI, THE FOOD IS ZE BOMB. 

If you had not seen my Korea adventures, click PART 1 
Not long after, my cousin inform me the last minute trip to go to Pulau Redang right after I came back from Seoul and of course, I went along with them and met Saskia for the first time ( she's my cousin from UK) and we had heaps of fun! Oh by the way, I had my first Snorkelling experience and I almost shitted myself because I saw a school of Swordfish! :/ 

This is weird but this year was more like reuniting with cousins that I did not know or hadn't seen before and meeting them for the first time. First cousin I met was a distance cousin all the way from Guangzhou, China. Her name is San San. She took the most random trip to KL while she was doing some volunteering work in Thailand. She randomly called my grandma to pick her up from the airport (lol) and of course as a granddaughter, I brought few places to hang out in KL and we had a great bond :) She kept asking me to follow her back to her hometown but I wish I could but I would definitely visit her one day! 

2nd cousin was Saskia from UK while my aunt brought her back while she's on her summer break and all of us went to Pulau Redang. 

3rd cousin was Tiffany from Perlis, the last time I seen her was like 6 or 7 years old? I still had memories of visiting her house and having her as a pen pal for couple of years and not long after, we lost contact. Until one day, my grandmother asked me to give her a call and  we meet up, had a great chat and dinner :)

Had my first internship in DHL and I had learned lots of things throughout the period of 4 months. My manager was super nice to me and she was so patient teaching me every aspect of analytic process. Oh also, I was lucky to meet CEO of DHL Express Global because he comes every few years! 

I went out socialising more than I should. I met new friends and old friends along the way. 

One of my major highlights would be my best friends. We hang out almost every occasions. Despite our workloads and classes, we would squeeze out from our busy schedule to celebrate together from bazaars to marathons to birthdays and short trips! 
Our friendship bond was so strong that we became a family. 

Between the highs, I had my lows. 

It was not easy. I struggled a lot and I can say 2015 was one of my hardest years but still, I remained strong from learning my biggest mistakes and slowly building myself. I will not type it down the lows I had because I don't want it to become a memory of mine. 

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward the possibilities that are coming in 2016 and there's a lot of things that I want to achieve on the year 2016. 

For now, I shall close on Page 365. Starting a fresh blank page of a 365 page book. 

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing year! :) Your art is gorgeous btw!
    -Jenna <3
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