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Thursday, December 3, 2015

My South Korea Adventures: Arrival at Incheon & Pyeongchang

Hello lovelies! I've been away the longest time ever been this year and this blog post has been save as draft for almost 3 months! Since I'm back to my blogosphere, I'm gonna share with you with my adventures to South Korea. Before I start my diary journey, there's a back story behind of how I managed to get an opportunity to fly to Korea! 

First of, do make yourself cozy because this blog post is gonna be LONG AND LENGTHY but of course, filled with pictures for you to see! So sit back and munch some popcorn

I've joined couple of random share and win contest on Facebook and honestly, I've lost count on how many share and win contest that got involved, usually I joined those contest just to see if I'm lucky enough. Until one evening, I received an email from Female Magazine saying that I'm one of the winners to travel to S.Korea and I was being skeptical at first because I don't remember if I joined any contest (but i do remember that I shared one particular that can win a trip to S.Korea), of course I asked for my details just to make sure if I'm the right winner and yes, I AM THE WINNER! Holy shit. I WON. Still can't get my eyes off the screen that I won a trip to South Korea!!!

My trip to S.Korea was a holiday tour from Apple Holidays and supposedly I was planning to go alone by myself but my insecure parents would not let me go, the fact that I'm going solo and so, I have to search for a partner to go with and I have to be honest, finding a partner is hard. The fact that finding a friend to go with is easy, the only issue I was dealing was my partner have to pay the exact amount with the total of 3k+. Honestly, 3k for one trip to S.Korea is bloody expensive but because of getting into 5-star tour holiday is just the price you pay for, i guess. 

After 2 months of searching, I've finally found my partner, Carina who is willing to go with me to this tour! Yays. 

The entire tour was 6 days 4 nights (including the night we flew off), and my flight departure was about 10pm and we reached at 8.45pm. I was stoked because this would be my first trip to Korea that I've been dreaming of. Kimchiland, here I come! 
At KLIA // Before our departure to South Korea  

The entire tour was arranged by Apple Holidays and the airline we took was Korean Airlines and I was pretty excited like kid because it has been three years since I sat an airplane. Carina thinks I'm over-reacting hahaha! 

Our exhausted face during the flight 

The airline was entirely filled mostly with Korean people and the air stewardess was soon flawless and we did asked one of the attendants what kind of foundation she uses! If I remember she said Sulwhasoo BB cream, heh. 

Midnight meal - noodles, croissant, fruits and yogurt 

After 6 hours flight, we reached at Incheon airport quite early and the bus brought us to Kimchi lesson - getting to know how Kimchi was made. 

Does it look like a face?


During the session, we get to know the traditional process of Kimchi and how it was made - fermentation
Most left upper and right down - the traditional kimchi, most right upper - taste test on different types of kimchi from cabbage to squid, most left down - kimchi pancake (yumsss!)

With our kimchi 'masterpiece' lol

After our kimchi session, we had an opportunity to take pictures with Korean Hanboks and there were tons of Hanboks to choose from! Mine was styled by a Korean lady in the facility :D

Annyeong! 안녕

Trying to be dramatic from Korean ancient drama hahahaha 

Outside the facility

Our faces when we see the sun hahaha 

Brought Banana milk at the airport and honestly.....I don't like it, somehow. The texture was so gritty that makes me cringe or maybe I drank expired one? The banana milk in the box I tried back in KL was delicious but why not this? T-T

It's lunchtime and we stopped by a restaurant where we had Pork Bulgogi and the food was delicious but I didn't managed to finish the whole dish because the portion was huge. 

The dish was slightly sweet and salty at the same time, I love when it compliments with rice, yum! 

Since Carina doesn't eat Pork, they gave me Beef Bulgogi instead and I kid you not, her dish tasted sweeter than mine! 

451, Sindu-ri, Gongdo-eup, Anseong, South Korea

We were brought to Farmland which is basically a livestock theme park where you can view beautiful views of hills and animals around the park and experience the amusement of ranch livestock style. Founded in 1969, this place were supported by West Germany and was endeavored to serve abundant milk to children in Korea. During that time, the place was filled with Kindergarten kids as they came here to learn about animals and nature. 

The Korean kids are so adorable! 
They have their own formal Kindergarten school bag, how cute! 

We were brought for horse riding and so we passed by horse stable where pretty much filled with horses (duh) and the tour guide asked if you had seen this place anywhere and didn't realised until the tour guide said...

Any clue on where did you see this view?
Hint: super popular music video 

Yup, Gangnam style! Psy filmed here for this Gangnam style music video.

Okay, back to horse riding.

The area are filled with children and they were taking turns for their ride before our turn and honestly, it's kind of a kids-type of horse riding but hey, it's my first time sitting on a horse! 

I'm up first to sit on the horse and I was freaking out because the horse is pretty tall O.O and I had thoughts of falling off lol

My first experience on horse riding, not bad! 

Pretty dandelions around the area :D

OOTD time? - Just being simple and comfy and the coat I got from Monki keeps me really warm for Spring weather! (bear in mind, the weather is still pretty chilly)

After horse riding, we reached to this place where you can feed animals like sheep, cows and goats - basically livestock experience that's what they called. 

Sheep was the most popular among all animals because, it's SOFT AND FLUFFY.  

Mama sheep and baby sheep bonding 

Korean kids feeding the sheep and a boy tried to talk to me in Korean but I don't understand what he said lol

The best part was this little lamb managed to sneaked out of the cage and I literally "screamed" because it is just TOO ADORABLE.

This little fella is not a shy lamb, we literally touched its fur and it didn't ran away and it was so keen to approach us! We managed to take selfie with it and he is a photogenic little sheep! 

Can I just bring this little lamb along? #angelinehadalittlelamb

Right after feeding those adorable herd of sheep, the tour continues with a tractor ride whereby we can see the beautiful piece of meadow which were about 39 hectare and during this time, it is perfect to view the greens during the upcoming springtime. 
While in the tractor ride 

That huge tree was frequently shoot for romance K-dramas, probably you've seen this view 

Right after, we proceed to our rice cake making session, specifically called Songpyeon 송편 which was a delicacy of Korean Autumn Harvest festival called Chuseok 추석. Traditionally were eaten during that time of the year and usually shaped in half-moon (like dumplings!) filled with sesame seeds fillings, red bean fillings etc. 

The teacher in the class explained on how to make the traditional rice cakes and also, asking us to be more creative like making cartoon characters or anything that is out of the tradition. The rice cake feels like play-doh but edible play-doh haha! 
Rice cakes are flavoured with natural food colourings such as red rice cake are made from strawberry, blue rice cake from blueberries and I forgot what fruit was made for yellow rice cake, oops. 

Made a few during the session and the teacher made me a rose-shaped rice cake and my creations is just....weird hahaha

Left Farmland looking at the beautiful spring flowers 

While on our journey to our hotel which were about 1 hour away, we stopped by a restaurant for dinner. I have no idea where we were because we just woke up when we reached there. 

jal meokkesseumnida! 잘 먹겠습니다 (bon appetite!)

We were famished and tonight's dinner were dried Pollack fish along with Korean side dishes - pancake, cucumber kimchi, kimchi, sprouts, seaweed and fish cakes and it's too good and we asked the lady for more!

Along a hot pot with fish broth and tons of mushrooms onto it, it's sooooooo good. And it gets even better while the weather is getting colder in evening. 

The restaurant was a typical Korean restaurant in outskirt of Seoul and the place were occupied with ajummas and ajusshis. (aunties and uncles)

Oh and also, in most Korean restaurants they served free coffee machine where you can enjoy after meal and also, to make you feel warm and cozy. 

Finally, we ended our night at Holiday Inn Alpensia Resort in Pyeongchang and this area were famously known for ski-resort and honestly, we are in the wrong time to be in but there's more tons to see around this area! 

Our cozy hotel room for 2 nights, huge beds for each of us! 

Hai, selfie time

Provided teas and coffees

Our bathroom
Toiletries & bottled water

Holiday Inn Alpensia Resort 
325 Solbong-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea

I shall end this post for now, stay tuned for my next blogpost for more diary adventures! 


  1. It looks like you had such a great time! The children are so cute I want to pinch all of their cheeks ^_^ This post also made me very hungry, haha! So much good food.

    I cannot wait to see the rest of your shenanigans in Korea!


    1. Me too, I'm hungry for Korean food while typing my blog post :P I'm glad that you enjoyed reading my blog :) Stay tuned!

  2. Wow. Reading your post makes me want to go back to Korea. Looks like you had a good time. First time I see a Korea tour bring the tourist to a stable and farmland. The places reminds me of where the dads of return of superman would bring their kids. Can't wait for part 2! :)

    1. Well I did! :) I did plan to return to seoul for free & easy trip :D hehe glad you enjoyed reading and stay tuned!



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