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Sunday, November 29, 2015

[REVIEW] 14 Days of Teatox with Cuppatea

Hello lovelies! Getting a healthy lifestyle has been a trend from all around the world, especially viewing amazing body transformation pictures on Instagram and majority of those who successfully achieve their dream body, suggested that detox works to lose weight faster. Their journey with detox tea results are significantly amazing! Of course with the curiosity of me, I decided to join the detox tea trend bandwagon and Cuppa Tea sent me 14 days of teatox journey to test if this product is worth the hype. 
Cuppatea, a UK-based company that focuses on helping customers by aiming on weight loss and body detoxification WITHOUT any strict diets. As it was said to use all 100% natural ingredients, this teatox are free from bacteria-free, chemical-free and preservatives-free

As teatox helps to burn fats & preventing excessive fats to accumulate, purification and detox, improving sleeping quality and skin health and balanced life, and providing transformation of energy to burn calories in the body

As for this teatox program, Cuppatea provided 2 packets that are divided to Morning Time Detox Teabags & Bedtime Cleanse Teabags 

Teatox Routine; 
Morning Time Detox Teabags : Every morning during the program 
Bedtime Cleanse Teabags: Every alternate night 

Morning and nighttime teabags consists of different ingredients 

Morning Time Detox : 
Mate Leaves, Chinese Oolong Tea, Ginger Root, Lotus leaves, Lemon Grass, Ginseng Roots, Dandelion Leaves, Gotu Kola leaves and Nettle leaves 
*note: consists of slight caffeine 

Bedtime Cleanse Teabags: 
Senna leaves, Burdock roots, Liquorice roots, Hawthorn leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Peppermint leaves, chamomile and Psyllium seeds 
*consists of laxative but in equivalent amount for the body to cleanse naturally, approx 8 hours after consuming 

One of the unique feature compared to other brands was it has a pyramid-shaped with a silky netting to store the tea herbs and at least you get a glimpse to see the herbs which I find it pretty unique and aroma of the teabags are fragrantly strong. 
Credits to Amelie from 
(with permission to use this picture)

As for taste-wise, I prefer the Bedtime Cleanse Tea, as it has strong scent of peppermint and chamomile and both helps to soothe my body and also, my sleeping quality. Morning Time tea was alright, just light with slight gingery aroma and there's any kind of taste of the tea. 

I was being skeptical at first because it seems too impossible to have huge transformation but due to the fact that I read an article saying teatox is a part of tool which helps to lose weight because the other part of contribution are eating habits and exercising. I used to get bloated easily after eating a meal and sometimes it gets really hard to "deflate" my bloated tummy. After trying out for 14 days (including some cardio exercise 2 times a week), I've noticed some obvious changes to my body as my stomach wasn't as bloated as previously, my body was definitely curvier with a little "V" :P 

You must be wondering if I gotten any constipation or diarrhoea? The answer is no, I didn't get any constipation but I gotten diarrhoea after the first night of drinking teatox.

Details of Cuppatea; 

If you're interested to purchase them, you can use my coupon code (angeline15off) where you can get 15% off of any purchase

For more information, visit Cuppatea for more updates; 
Instagram & Twitter: @cuppateauk 


  1. I've seen so many of those teas and I want to try them, they just scare me a bit. The after is pretty amazing! You an definitely see where the bloat has disappeared!

    My biggest thing is the ingredients and if they will make me sick at all since I already have GI issues.


    1. I feel you, sometimes we need to observe the ingredients before consuming them. I tried one brand and that tea makes me want to go to the bathroom for so many times. D;



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