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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Electric Run Malaysia 2015 Experience with #MyShellFuelSave

Hello lovelies! Oh hai blog, it's been awhile. Tons of things happening that I have not share  with you this year but before I share those memories with you guys, let me start sharing my great memories during my Electric Run Malaysia 2015! This is my 2nd time joining marathon this year, even though it's only 5km distance :P Anyways, still counted on my marathon runs list! 

I was invited by #myshellfuelsave to participate this event, I was ultimately stoked! Not only that, it was during my birthday week! Yassss. 

However during that whole month, KL was stuffed with haze and I got to say it's pretty hard to breathe when I'm outdoors and a number of marathons had been cancelled because of that and I was praying that this marathon doesn't call if off and luckily the event still went on according to plan! 

My little cousin, Sue was there as well for the run and we started getting ourselves painted with crazy glow-in-the-draw neon colours! Group of people start to notice a group of us painting bright neon colours but who cares, painting is an expression of art! Talk about body painting in freestyle! :P 

Sue was helping to paint on everyone's body including my legs in tribal style, in freestyle version! I really went all out even on my face! :P

Along the way, I met some of Sue's college friends and they are really happy-go-lucky guys I must say! Hi Adrian and Shaun!

Of course some lovely bloggers - Joanne & Diana

Before & preparing for the run! 

Sorry guys, I took some random and few pictures along the way and I got to say I had fun even though I wasn't physically trained for this fun and I got to say every 500m or 1km, there's like different "Glow" themes! 

If you would like to see more of Electric Run 2015 photos, visit their Facebook page to view!

After the finish line, we get to enjoy some concert performance of indie music with local music brands like Paperplane Pursuit and the runners were so active even after their 5km run! I got to be honest, the night is still young! 

Whilst enjoying the music - Look! We are glowing! heh.

There's lighting nearby the stage, selfie opportunity! 

It's me, Sue & Adrian! Credits to the event photographer! 

Oh, did I mentioned that we got our medals as well? Well this picture says everything with our bitting medal technique, haha. 

Overall experience was super fun-filled run and I'm really glad to be a part of Electric Run! I do recommend to anyone who loves to have fun and getting on an active lifestyle, this is the right event for you! If Electric Run is coming up for next year, do sign me up! 

For more information, visit Electric Run Malaysia for more updates!  

To end this post, I have some snaps from my Snapchat that I snapped during the event!
Oh add me Angelyumi on Snapchat!!

Snapchat shots for last night's Electric Run Malaysia 2015! 󾍘🏻󾟙🏻󾭝 // My Snapchat adventures: angelyumi 󾍔󾆮
Posted by Angeline Ng on Saturday, September 12, 2015


  1. That's one interesting run event... looks fun although i don't really enjoy running these days

    1. why not? :O I'm into marathons lately :P

  2. Looks like great fun! That glowing paint sure makes the whole event so much more vibrant!


    1. It does make the run more fun and i guess that's the reason why people like to participate theme runs!



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