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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[REVIEW] Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water

Hello lovelies! We all know cleansing our face is crucial to maintain great looking skin, certainly a good choice of makeup removers does play a role in maintain clear and bright skin. If you didn't know, I did clarify about Dr.Jart+ few months ago during their official launch and now, I decided to try out Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water
Dermaclear Micro Water has been Korea's No.1 Beauty Show Blind Test Cleansing Water 2015. You can say it has been Korean's favorite cleansing water! I just love the simplistic and clean packaging that Dr.Jart+ did for this product (and most of the products). The liquid may seem as clear as a regular water, but it does wonders onto the skin. Dermaclear contains micro active hydrogen water which is finer than other cleansers out there aka nano cleansing, and here's some functions; 

  • Removes makeup and impurities 
  • Provides bright and silky skin texture 
  • Moisturizes skin 
  • Great for sensitive skin (as well as all skin types) 
Dermaclear does not have those 10 harmful additives like parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, talc, articifical fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol and petrolatum 

How to use them?
Simple. By using a cotton pad, pour some drops onto the cotton pad and start sweeping and removing them gently. You don't need to require any rinsing later since it's "water" by itself. There's no fragrance or scent which is great to know that there's no artificial fragrance.  

Here's some side comparison of using Dermaclear Micro Water.
As you can see my flaws after removing by using Dermaclear Micro Water. I've been using Dermaclear Micro Water daily, especially removing my makeup and I'm seriously loving this product because; 

  1. It's so gentle that it doesn't irritate my eyes 
  2. It removes all my makeup in one cotton pad 
  3. No rinse needed  
  4. Brightens and tones out my complexion 
  5. My skin feels refreshed and smooth after using them 
  6. It's not oily after usage! 
The only thing I'm bummed about is that this product doesn't removes waterproof makeup but it still removes mascara and eyeliner as long as it's not waterproof! Let me know what you think about this product! :)

Details on Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water;
RM89 | 250ml 

Dr.Jart+'s products are available at Sasa outlets and Sunway Pyramid LG1, next to Bonjours. 

For more information, visit Dr.Jart+ Malaysia for more updates: 

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