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Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul from SEOUL!

Hello lovelies! In case you didn't know, I just came back from South Korea few weeks ago and it was awesome! Before I start blogging about my trip experience, I will be sharing about my skincare and makeup haul that I gotten from my recent trip! :)

First of all, I was expecting myself to shop more that I should have but turns out I didn't shop a lot that I was expecting due to currency exchange which is difference of 3.41 (if I'm not mistaken during that time) and no, I didn't bring any credit card along and so all I have was just cash in hand and that's why I needed to be budget friendly throughout the trip. 

First stop that I shop was this touristy place where most tour buses stopped by and let tourists to shop at this place where they guided us for a skincare lesson and proceeded by persuading customers to buy this specific brand name, Odbo but I wasn't tad interested (nevertheless, the products sounds promising) but no only they were selling this specific brand, there were other Korean cosmetic brands too. Here's what I got! 

The only skincare product I brought (physically) was Odbo Gold Diamond Hydro-gel eye patch (20,000 won : RM60+) and because of my dark circles, I was quite interested to purchase one of them even though it was expensive. I've mostly brought masks individually due to the price is friggin' pricey for one mask costs about 3,000 won which is equivalent to almost RM10! I shared my purchase with my fellow travel partners from the tour so we can get more free masks! (Odbo Collagen Hydro Masks was given free)   
Odbo Gold Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye patch | Odbo brightening masks and collagen hydro masks | Pig nose clear blackhead mask | SNP animal panda whitening mask 

Next stop was in Myeongdong and supposedly my main target is to just shop along the streets of Myeongdong but while we were passing by, our tour guide brought us up to Lotte Mall which is right across the street where you can get most luxury skincare brands and also fashion brands. I stumbled by cosmetics section where there's tons of Korean skincare brands and Laneige was my top on my shopping list and I decided to buy and they offered by 2 Sleeping masks in cheaper price (if I'm not mistaken, buy 2 about 40,000 won which is about RM140+) which is definitely worth to purchase since it costs about RM150 in Malaysia.   

Finally in Myeongdong street, we passed by a girl giving out flyers and surprisingly she speaks cantonese and found out she's from Hong Kong. Then she introduced us to the store she's working at where they sell various of Korean cosmetic products in a cheaper price but of course we tried to make sure if the products they are selling were authentic. Here's what I got! 
Banila & Co. Clean it Zero Balm | Innisfree Super Volcanic pore clay mask | VDL Lumilayer primer | Berrisom Lip Tint Pack 

Yes, the famous and widely talked about Korean cosmetic, My Lip Tint Pack. There's a 8 shades in total and I got it for 10,000 won (RM32+) instead of 15,000 won (RM48) and which is such a deal! 

If you can see, it's pretty obvious every purchase I brought was mostly every brands best selling products. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask was widely raved, so I have to give it a try for myself. As for Banila & Co., I didn't knew about this particular brand until some of my blogger friends introduced me while I was in Korea and it's basically like a makeup remover cleansing balm and it was said to remove everything including waterproof mascara, I have to give a try too! Finally, VDL Lumilayer primer (16,500 Won) is also pretty popular and I tested out the primer on my hands and the primer looks really luminous onto my skin and that's why I have to buy it. 

Coreana Special Horse Oil Masks 
I've gotten some masks for my mum since she kept requesting and reminding me to buy some for me and I was introduced to try out Coreana Special Horse Oil (14,000 won) for anti aging and hydration. At first I was skeptic about it because I have not heard of this particular brand but eventually I brought it since it's not that expensive.  

Innisfree masks in Acai Berry, Lime & Strawberry 
There's some leftover masks laying around the store, so I just grabbed 3 Innisfree masks for only 900 won each (less than RM3) and doesn't the packaging look so deliciously attractive?! 

While I was walking around Myeongdong street, I spotted Missha store and they were having big sales and since the promoters were so sweet, I decided to buy a bunch of stuff! 
Color Setting Brow Mascara | Everlasting Lacquer Rouge 
Missha lip products has prettiest and luxurious packaging but in a affordable price and so I got a coral shade in CR01 and brow setting mascara was having sale and it seems nice on my brows, so I put them on my cart. I don't remember how much tho, but I got it less than 10,000 won each. 

Missha Pure Source Cell Sheet Masks in Rice, Aloe Vera, Pomegranate and Pearl 
Each of Missha masks contains 10 pieces of masks for each pack and there were costs only 7,000 won ( RM20+), so I take a splurge to get 4 different kinds of sheet masks! I kept asking the girl what are the functions for each of their masks and here's a small brief. 

Rice mask : Whitening 
Pomegranate mask: Elasticity  
Aloe Vera: Hydration 
Pearl mask: Whitening & Hydration (all in one) 

That's all I gotten for my recent Korea trip and I know, I should have brought more cash because there's more things to buy! Gosh, I want to go back to Seoul again! Let me know which product you have tried or wanted to try out! :)


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  1. I've tried the Innisfree face mask and I've used it since then till now :D



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