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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment @ Number 76, Publika

Hello lovelies! I'm back with another review and this time is all about hair treatment! I was invited by Number 76 team to try out their treatment that they provide in their salons. Not realizing that my hair can sometimes goes very frizzy especially when it comes to hot weather days. Somehow they knew that my hair needed some a little of TLC :p Finally, I've made an appointment and decided to visit Number 76 at Publika branch which was newly opened. 
If you didn't know about Number 76, they are Japanese-based hair salon which has been the talk of the town whereby most celebrities and famous bloggers tend to get their hairdo done. Number 76 have a few branches around the Klang Valley (list will be on the bottom the post) 

I'm loving the comfort of the hair salon interior whereby it has the vintage meets nature kind of vibe going on. Quite a lot cute little succulents and plants in front of the reception desk and display area too! 
Reception desk 

Display product area  

Adorable succulents  

I was introduced by Director Sato to try out Ultrasonic Iron Hair treatment (which is one of Number 76 signature hair treatments) since my hair ends is pretty dry especially the part where I've bleached but certainly, this hair treatment is ain't that simple because it requires steps. As I was told, Ultrasonic Iron Treatment are exclusively available at NALU and Number 76 salons. 

Ps: NALU is a home branch in Tokyo, Japan. 

So you must be wondering what does Ultrasonic Iron treatment does? 
This process is all depends on this trusty device, it vibrates at your hair by 37,000 beats per second to separate protein, water and oil particles in treatments to ensure deepest penetration inside your hair for enhanced best results! 

Don't worry, it's not hot at all! It's definitely cold to touch as this treatment is basically like cold treatment. 

Before they start the treatment, Director Sato's assistant washes my hair to cleanse thoroughly my hair & scalp. Later, she applied the treatment cream before she start the ironing process. During the ironing process, it has a mild vibrating sound that you know this device is giving a full potential of it's work to your hair! ;)

After couple of irons, Director Sato came by to finish up the process. After finishing the process, I proceed to wash off the treatment, blow dry and finally styling! 

Here's my final result! I'm loving the results that I get from this treatment! My hair leaves and feels incredibly soft and silky smooth. It's obvious to know that my hair is more fuller and bouncier which shows a touch of healthy radiance.

As I was told this hair treatment could lasts for couple of weeks as compared to normal hair treatments that other salons provide. Nevertheless, you need to take a good care of your hair too! 

Overall view of my hair

Ultrasonic Iron treatment are totally recommended for dry, messy and damaged hair (especially causes from chemical service) Thanks Director Sato for the great hair service! 

If you're keen to try out Number 76 service, you can make your booking online via

Number 76 (Publika branch) 
A1-G2-2, No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur 

Opening hours: 10am -7pm (Tuesday - Sunday)
Monday CLOSED 

Tel: 03-6201 2776 

For more information, visit Number 76 for more updates; 

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