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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Maybank GO Ahead Challenge 2015 is back!

Hello lovelies! Maybank GO Ahead Challenge (MGAC) is back and it's bigger and bolder with more challenges! This competition can be quite well known and has been on-going yearly for the past 3 years. Plus, this competition held last year and they have received more than 10,000 applications from over 14 countries, certainly this ain't an ordinary challenge!  

What is Maybank GO Ahead Challenge? 
MGAC is Maybank's award-winning talent search and recruitment competition where they are searching for the brightest and best young minds from 14 countries across the world to be the chance at a high-flying career in the banking and financial services industry. The competition is an action-packed, multi-disciplinary fusion of business case study, mental and physical challenges. For the past years, it has been a business-oriented competition and this year is definitely an exception because they have gone beyond towards  'international case' challenge! Therefore, it's #morethanachallenge!

As a blogger, I was lucky to be invited to witnessed MGAC Grand Launch located at SkyPark Hanger, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang! Look at the their cool invitation card I've gotten! It really feels like I'm really going to take the plane! 

Selfie is a must for bloggers! :P

Entrance to the launch 

Before I enter the launch, we were escorted to the grand launch with cool cars, I literally felt like we are going for a serious business ;P 

The grand launch was pretty amazing as there's literally a huge helicopter! 

The grand launch was started with a speech from Pn. Nora Abd Manaf, Maybank Group Chief Human Captial Officer. 
During the speech, she said "I won't take the element of surprise out of the production but let me leave you with a hint. Except the Unexpected." 

Pn. Nora shared Maybank GO Ahead Challenge in 4 unique ways; 

  1. Test participants in multiple disciplines and reinforces through each challenge key takeaways how they do business, bringing the whole Bank to the customer. 
  2. Work as a team to deliver stretch targets within a short period of time reflective to the actual situation in today's challenging and competitive work climate.
  3. Participating in corporate responsibility initiative to experience first-hand the humanising mission that Maybank embraces wholeheartedly.
  4. Offers finalists to get a fast pass to marquee Graduate Entry Level programme, Global Maybank Apprentice (GMAP), designed and customized to nurture aspiring bankers for tomorrow. 

During Press Conference  

This competition is open to anyone living, studying, or residing in the following 14 eligible countries across the region and worldwide where Maybank enjoys considerable presence: 

| Malaysia | Cambodia | China | Hong Kong | Indonesia | Laos | Myammar | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam | The United Kingdom | The United States |

Open to penultimate and final year students and recent graduates with strong academic records - with minimum CGPA of 3.0 over 4.0 or equivalent from any discipline are encouraged to apply 

Final year students or graduates of ALL DEGREES are eligible to join

Able to apply individually or in teams up to 5 people
Those who apply individually will be placed in teams if they make it to the International Grand Final

During 2013 till 2014, they only offered to get internship to New York but for 2015, they placed more places such as New York, London and Hong Kong! 

Team Prizes: 
Maybank GO Ahead. Champion Team 
(1st Placed Team) : $40,000 USD

(2nd Placed Team) : $20,000 USD 

(3rd Placed Team) : $10,000 USD 

People's Choice Team : Special Prize 

Individual Prizes: 
Ultimate Maybank GO Ahead. Challenger 
Highest Individual Score : 2-Week Internship in Maybank New York Office & 
$1,000 USD

2nd Highest Individual Score: 2-Week Internship in Maybank London Office & 
$750 USD

3rd Highest Individual Score : 2-Week Internship in Maybank Hong Kong Office & 
$500 USD 

People's Choice Challenger : Special Prize 

Not only that, selected finalists will win the chance to join the prestigious Global Maybank Apprentice Programme and in addition, the members of the Champion team (1st, 2nd and 3rd placed individual challengers) will be offered a place on the Transitioning Leaders to CEOs programme

If you do not know, GMAP is a programme of 2 years-on-the-job rotation within their sector of their choice and Transitioning Leaders to CEO programme is aimed at creating ready pool of internal talents who assume CEO/CEO-like position and prepares people to take on leadership roles within the Group. 

If you're interested to participate, register to apply! 

Before the Grand Launch, I received a huge box filled with some bits and bots and I was wondering what it is until I found out. 

Maybank GO Ahead Challenge is the region's leading case competition as it was one-of-a-kind experience that takes the participants through a series of challenges that culminates in a Grand Finals held in Kuala Lumpur. Basically, it's like a little taste of these unique experience that represents 7 challenges and each of them are different challenges.  
#1 Discover Yourself (Shoutout Board) 
MGAC allows participants to discover their strengths and weaknesses

#2 Gain a New Skill (Rubik's Cube) 
Equips participants with new skills through unpredictable tasks 

#3 Unleash Your Creativity (Tumbler) 
No matter what field you are in, participants have crazy and brilliant solutions that can come up with! 

#4 Care for the environment (Packet of Seeds) 
MGAC believes in Corporate Social Responsibility by giving back to the community 

#5 Be Inspired (Mini Calender) 
Inspire young talents to challenge themselves and test their boundaries and they will be surrounded by their teammates and mentor-assessors who constantly inspire them to be better 

#6 Share a smile (Bottle of Sweets) 
MGAC is as fun as it is challenging! Participants go through fun and excitement activities that never leave the competition 

#7 Leave your comfort zone and chase your dreams 
For the seventh and last challenge, it is time to leave your comfort zones and chase your dreams! 

In all 7 challenges, I choose to "Unleash Your Creativity" by designing my very own tumbler! 
Here's my quick 5 min design! :D 
 "Do small things with great love" 

Full overview 

As a business management student, I would be totally interested to enter on this huge competition as my biggest dream is to work in the banking and financial services industry and I'm ecstatic that the prizes are totally a huge deal! It literally means you have a chance to be a part of the top management group like CEO! I shall give it a shot to see if I have the opportunity to get into the challenge! Wish me luck! 

For more information, visit MGAC 2015 for more updates! 


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