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Sunday, April 19, 2015

[REVIEW] Shiseido Professional Luminoforce Hair Care

Hello lovelies! All these while I've been done tons of hair dyeing services and yes, they do tend make my hair really dry and coarse which always annoyed me. Colouring treatments has been a high demand service offered by many hair saloons. With such, hair professionals constantly innovating multiple lines for coloured hair to obtain long lasting effect but the issue of coarseness and stiffness hair had yet to be addressed. Until Shiseido contacted me to try out their latest hair care range called Luminoforce Hair Care, I decided to try it out.
Shiseido Professional's Luminoforce range is formulated for frequent coloured hair customers and aims to address not only on lasting colour effect, but also to repair damaged hair due to colouring treatments. By using Shiseido Professional's Hair Coarseness Reduction Technology, moisture and repair agents can penetrate deep inside the hair to restore suppleness and repair damages of hair strands. Not only that, it helps to prevents colour fading and increases moisture and shine. 

  • Lipid Repair Agents (Squalene; softener) - makes your hair supple
  • Sericin, Hydrolyzed Conchiolin and Lecithin - repairs damaged strands 
  • S-Hyaluronic Acid - restore suppleness
  • Arginine & Evening Primrose Oil - increase moisture and shine to hair surface 

Here's the whole range of Shiseido Professional Luminoforce Hair Care

(From left to right)

(Step 1) LUMINOFORCE Shampoo
Restores hair elements while retaining the hair colour
Rich and creamy lather gently cleanses coloured hair and prevents it from entangled while shampooing 
Silicon-free & Sodium laureth sulfate-free  formula  

(Step 2) LUMINOFORCE Treatment 
Increases moisture and shine which creates smooth and easy to comb through ends 
Rinse well after applying treatment on to strands 
Recommended to use daily as home care product

(Step 3) LUMINOFORCE Mask 
Keeps hair suppleness 
Gives smooth and silky hair, making it easy to comb
Apply product on after shampooing hair, leave the product on hair for 3-5 minutes or 10 minutes under steam (for quick absorption) before rinsing thoroughly
Recommended using mask once or twice a week as special care for hair  

Protects hair from UV damage that causes hair fading and adds a beautiful shine as if it has been treatment at a hair saloon. 
Apply them after styling hair which gives a whole healthy hair effect 

I tried Shiseido Professional's LUMINOFORCE at Label S Signature @ Oasis Square and I must say the difference pretty obvious from the comparison from both pictures. After using Luminoforce, my hair looking way healthier than my before picture and it still retains my pink hair colour more vibrant and bright which I love. 

During process of hair care, the products applied on my hair smells AMAZING with nice fragrant of floral and fruity scent which what I can explain as a basket of fresh fruits imbued wit beautiful natural scent of roses. The whole saloon is filled with that scent too! 

Not only that, the gloss spray gives a nice healthy touch after styling which makes my hair looking silkier and glossy! Plus, the gloss spray is like your sunscreen for your hair as it blocks out UV rays from hair fading prevention! 
I got my fringe trimmed since it's too long :)

Thanks to Label S Signature hairstylist for the hair care and styling! 

Details about Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE Hair Care; 
Shampoo  - RM88 / 250ml 
Treatment - RM111 / 250ml 
Mask - RM178 / 200g 
Gloss Spray - RM88 / 150g 

Shiseido Professional LUMINOFORCE Hair Care range will be available starting on 
May 2015 @ selected Shiseido Professional Hair Salons 
(Label S Signature is one of them)

For more information, visit Shiseido Professional Malaysia for more updates; 


  1. But But... Your hair always so healthyyyyyyy. Any other tips besides on the products introduced XD.

    1. LOLOL!! My hair is not always healthy la :P



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