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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[REVIEW] Mario Badescu Silver Powder & Drying Cream

Hello lovelies! You may always see me with flawless skin on my pictures but that wasn't true. From time to time, I do have some minor hormone acne or cystic acne (especially before period). Some acne heals quick but some stubborn acne doesn't which can be a pain in the ass. Last week, Luxola sent me some products from Mario Badescu - a brand you always see in Sephora but have no clue what does it do. Let me give a brief about Mario Badescu. 

Mario Badescu is a skincare product that has been known for personalized skin and acne treatment for over 40 years. No wonder many bloggers and customers have been raving about this particular brand. Their packaging is pretty clean and simple as they want to focus the quality of the product inside rather than the appearance of the product. 

Luxola sent me Mario Badescu Drying Cream and Silver Powder and here's what I got within a week of using them. 

D R Y I N G  C R E A M
Firstly, I didn't expect the drying cream tub can be quite small but I guess small amount goes a long way, doesn't it? Texture wise, it's pretty thick and pasty as it has a egg-shell beige colour whereby you could apply them before applying your normal makeup routine and from what I know, this cream acts as an barrier that able to prevent makeup applied over the top from collecting into infected pores. This cream is suitable for all skin types. 

I've some little cystic acne floating around my face and I decided to try by applying everyday (day and night) and what I found out that the cream dries the acne pretty quick. When I applied the first night, I saw some obvious difference on the next morning. The improvement of my acne is pretty drastic as I barely see any bumps after a week! Overall, I can say the healing process is way quicker than all my other acne cream I've experienced! 

S I L V E R  P O W D E R 
Don't expect this product has silver powder, it's just the name of itself but the product purpose was to extract clogged pores/ blackheads/ whiteheads from your pores. As I looked through from reviews after reviews, it was said to be a 'miracle product' or so-called solution to your clogged pores. So I gave it a try. 

I followed the instructions that has been given; dip a water-damped cotton into the powder and then press it onto your nose (cheeks or chin, anywhere you have clogged pores). Then wait it for 10 minutes before washing it away.
Once I applied them onto my nose area, it made into very clumpy and powdery layer and I let it dry for 10 mins. 

After 10 mins, I wash them away and I checked my nose. It does made some little improvements but it definitely wasn't what I was hoping for. I felt a bit disappointed because I was giving high hopes on this product but nevertheless, it doesn't stop me from trying out a few times as it said that after few uses you might see some difference. 
After using 2 times, I did see my nose is more brighter and smaller pores than previously eventhough the result wasn't giving me a wow factor. On the brighter note, it is easier to scrape out blackheads with acne remover stick without any pain. 

The question that everyone has been wondering - Does it remove every single blackheads? 
No, but if you constantly use this product a few times you might be major results. This product would be great for people who has more serious clogged blackheads. 

 and yes, this product is suitable for all skin types. 

Details on Mario Badescu products; 
Drying Cream : RM65 / 14ml
Silver Powder : RM67.50 / 29ml 
Made in USA

Promo Code: 
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To find out more about Mario Badescu, visit Luxola for more; 

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  1. I haven't tried the silver powder, but I absolutely adore the drying cream. It really worked wonders on some of my more stubborn acne.

    After seeing your results with the silver powder I really want to try some! While the results aren't exactly the most jaw dropping, I can see a definite difference!




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