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Thursday, April 2, 2015

[REVIEW] Get shine from any angle with Tsubaki Shinning range

Hello lovelies! Have you experienced a bad hair day? Frizzy, or maybe dull nor no shine hair? Guess what! I've recently discovered a new hair range from a brand called Tsubaki and I'm loving their products as I will explain about the brand in a moment. 

Tsubaki is a Japanese premium hair care brand that focuses on making beautiful and shiny hair. In Japanese directly translates as, "Camellia Flower". Japanese Camellia oil has been used for centuries since this particular ingredient has been responsible for classic legendary beauty of Japanese hair. Moreover, Camellia Flower helps to regain moisture and shine for hair. 

What's the reason of loss of shininess? 
The loss of melanin can happen daily due to UV and many other factors. The loss of melanin created holes that causes irregular reflection and loss of shine on hair. 

Therefore, Tsubaki has created their products to repair your hair - provide internal shininess and external shininess 

Internal shininess: Melanin reparative ingredient - Arginine (repairs melanin hole to allow light to penetrate hair shaft and thus, reflected evenly, resulting in a lustrous and glorious hair)  

External shininess: Camellia oil with shine sensor mechanism 

Tsubaki has come up with 3 types of ranges - Shinning, Damage Care and Head Spa. 

Among all Tsubaki range, I gotten the Shinning range as it focuses for normal and dull hair since recently I've found out that my hair loses its shine - probably from chemical services and heat curler that I have used. 

Tsubaki Shinning Shampoo 
The texture of the shampoo is slightly watery but it has pleasant mild floral scent that I really adore. Plus, it's definitely easy to lather or shall I say satisfying lather. 

Tsubaki Shinning Conditioner 
As we know conditioner is always has thicker consistency compared to shampoo liquid, it's easy to apply on the ends and yes, it has the same mild floral scent. 

Tsubaki Shinning Treatment Mask 
I love masques and this would be definitely one of my favorites list. Even though it has a thick consistency but it is easy to apply on the ends of the hair. Plus, you don't need a lot of amount to apply on. As what we always say, "a little goes a long way". Recommeded to use 3 times a week. 

As you can see from the comparison, Tsubaki leaves my hair looking healthy and shinny compared with my before picture. Most of the hair products that I've used are usually heavy as it lasts  for only couple of hours and thus, my curls become straight. Fortunately, for Tsubaki range it does the job as my hair remains volumized and curly as it was before - means it's lightweight! Plus, it leaves my hair remarkably fresh and bouncy.  

My hair is usually "shinny" because of the oily scalp and also dry at the same time but with Tsubaki Shinning range, it leaves my hair with healthy soft shine effect which I totally would want my hair to be like this! :)

Lovin' my hair, all thanks to Tsubaki! :)

Details of the products; 
Shinning Shampoo - RM38.90 / 550ml
Shinning Conditioner - RM38.90/550ml
Shinning Shampoo - RM18.90 / 220ml
Shinning Conditioner - RM18.90 / 220ml
Shinning Hair Mask - RM44.90 /180g 

Available at any leading pharmacies and supermarkets 

For more information, visit Tsubaki Malaysia for more updates; 

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