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Thursday, April 16, 2015

[REVIEW] Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque

Hello lovelies! Recently I've been lovin' Bourjois cosmetics since when the brand first launched in Malaysia since last year. I'm so excited to share with you because Bourjois has launched their brand new Rouge Edition Aqua Laque during April 1st (Malaysia). Out of 8 shades available, Bourjois sent me three shades to let me try out. I'm ecstatic! :D

Last year, everyone was raving about Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet as the brand has been a topic on the beauty blogosphere and both range has similar of packaging - short dainty tube. Therefore by replacing the end of word, Laque which basically means high shine with pigmented colour. Just like lip gloss and lipstick had a baby - hybrid! 

As for Bourjois Rouge Edition Laque, I've been wearing them a lot lately as it is glossy but not sticky, which leaves a watery texture, definitely long lasting and it even leaves a tint even when you're eating or drinking! The reason behind was the high combination of water with Nymphea extract that gives moisture that could lasts up to 10 hours. 

Here's some swatches from the 3 shades that I've gotten and due to the wet formula of the laque, it looks extremely glossy. Another thing I didn't mention was the applicator, i find them pretty convenient for me to apply on, not only because it's small and compact (for easier application) but the applicator helps to glide smoothly onto the lips. 

Here's how each shade looks like on the lips. 
02 Rose on the rocks - I'm a fan of pink nude shade. Anything pink nude, I'm totally down for it and this shade is totally up in my alley. The only concern that I have with this shade was it is pretty sheer and therefore, it needs a few coats to apply to get the right pigment that I wanted. 

07 Fuchsia Perche - Among all shades, this is my favorite colour as it has a hint of pink and it's pretty pigmented because of its rich colour. This shade is not like in your face type but more subtle. I wouldn't have problem applying as just one coat is pretty opaque. 

06 Feeling Reddy - As most laque does; the brighter the shade, the more pigmented the outcome will be. This shade is a bright red with a hint of orange colour. So, this shade is REALLY RICH & BRIGHT. Of course, who doesn't like a bright red shade on your lips? 

I'm not a huge fan when comes to lip gloss because it tends to be sticky and uncomfortable that I would ended up wiping off. As for Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque, I'm surprised how comfortable it was when I applied them onto my lips and sometimes I would forgot that I'm wearing them! The best part was it leaves a nice tint even you smudged the laque. Bourjois, you made want to purchase more shades!! 

For limited time only!
Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque are going at RM42.80 (NP: RM45.50) @ any Watsons and Sunway Pyramid Boujois counter. For selected Watsons, you will get a gift when you purchase up RM60 of Bourjois products and while you're at their counter, you will get different gift with RM80 purchase. 

Details about Bourjois Rouge Edition; 
Each of them priced at RM45.50 / 7.7ml 
Available in 8 shades 

You can purchase them at Sunway Pyramid Bourjois counter or any Watsons nationwide 

For more information, visit Bourjois Malaysia for more updates; 


  1. Lovely colour babe! I got mine in the #08 shade :)


  2. Thanks babe! All the colours are pretty amazing, righ? ;)

  3. Mine is 07! I love it too.
    I'm planning to get a softer shade later ;D



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