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Thursday, April 30, 2015

[REVIEW] Achieve effortless curls with Philips Easy Natural Curler

Hello lovelies! Having a good hair day can made a huge difference on your mood and definitely appearance. Certainly, a good bouncy curly hair would made my OOTD during photoshooting even more outstanding. As you have seen some of my OOTDs, I don't tend to curl my hair unless special occasions and of course I've a reason for it. 

My main concern is definitely getting burned especially curling at the back of my head and curling wand is no joke, it's extremely hot that can burn my hands. Yes, I've been a few accidents with them and therefore, I have a fear of using them. Until recently, I was contacted by Philips to try out their new Philips Easy Natural Curler. I've definitely a fan of Philip because of my great experience with Philips Visa Pure and unknowingly realized that most of my household devices are from Philips too!  
Philips knows women's struggle of using curling wand and they developed a easy natural curler that is easy, convenient, burn-proof and able to achieve a effortless and natural hair curls.  

What's great about Philips Easy Natural Curler? 

  • Tulip shape wand - uniquely helps to achieve effortless curls by using one hand 
  • Comes with build-in protective design, specially designed to prevent accidental burns and brushes 
  • The styling plates coated with ceramic to ensure heat distribution for shinny and soft hair 
  • The tool only heats up to a professional temperature of 200°C which minimizes hair damage 

Before I use Philips Easy Natural Curler, I get prepped with Philips EasyShine Ionic styling brush to prevent getting frizzy but instead, getting smooth and shinny hair. 

Switch on the curler (green light) and wait for about 30 seconds to let the appliance to heat up. 

Click the button : Open the gap  |  Release the button: Close the gap 

Take a small strand of your hair and start placing the hair in between the plates while holding the button. Later once it's positioned, release the button. 
Gently rotate your hair in any directions (depends what kind of curl you want it to be) and gently stroke down. 
If you want inward curls - rotate the curler towards your head
If you want outward curls - rotate the curler outwards from your head

Here's the before and after using Philips Easy Natural Curler 
Obviously, there's a difference lol

F I N A L   V E R D I C T
What I like about Philips Easy Natural Curler?

Firstly, I wouldn't mind using this curler every single day because I don't have to worry about getting burns and such. Not only that, the curler is pretty small and lightweight and also handy to travel around and it saves luggage space! Oh yes, didn't I tell you that you can create any kind of hairstyle with just one tool? Yup, you can straighten, loose curl and also tight curls! Plus, it does less damage that other curlers that I've used, thanks to it's ceramic material! 

How about the Cons? 

I can't say it's the best curlers I've seen so far (despite I'm quite familiar with heat curlers) but I can deny that this is a great curler for beginners to get their hands on. Moreover, this curler was it's definitely time consuming when using this heat curler, because of it's small device - you can't clip a bunch of thick hair once. Therefore, there's limited space and needed to use small sections at a time. 

Product detail about Philips Easy Natural Curler
Price: RM169.00 
Weight: 310g 
Availability: All supermarkets and electrical stores | The Philips Shop

Temperature: 200°C
Plate size: 20X70  mm
Cord length: 1.8  m
Heating time: 30  sec
Heater type: PTC
Voltage: 110-240  V
Frequency: 50-60  Hz

Product detail about Philips EasyShine Ionic Styling Brush
RM129.00 RM99.00

For more information, visit Philips Malaysia for more updates! 

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