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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[REVIEW] Benzac, the trusted solution for acne-free skin

Hello lovelies! It's been awhile that I've updated my blog and shall I say, half-dead? ha.ha. *awkward silence* Anyways, I'm going share about my review that I've been using for the past couple of months. If you have not heard this brand, this brand is called - Benzac, by this company called Galderma - Swiss-based global dermatology company and this highly popular Swiss-formulated acne solution range has recently reached onto Malaysian shores. 

During my breakout months, Benzac was kind enough to send me some of their new launched products to let me try out! Galderma understands that dealing with acne is agonizing enough and so Benzac was created for a pain-free and fuss-free, 2-step system! 
Benzac product line up consisting; 

  • Benzac Daily Facial Foam / Liquid Cleanser for Oily and Combination skin
  • Benzac Daily Facial Foam / Liquid Cleanser for Sensitive to Normal skin
  • Benzac Facial Scrub for all skin types 
  • Benzac AC Gel 

Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser for Oily and Combination Skin 
I have used majority of the whole range that was given by Benzac and I'll explain each products in detail. 
For liquid cleanser, it's a gel type of liquid cleanser and I wasn't expecting them to be lather-type of cleanser because my previous experience with other gel type skincares doesn't lather at all. But surprisingly, it does lather to semi-foam texture. Every time I used this product, I felt refreshed and cooling and my skin was soft without feeling dry at all! Don't worry, it smells nice with mildly floral scent. 

Benzac Daily Foam Cleanser for Sensitive to Normal Skin
Foam cleansers are usually the most convenient way to wash our face. The texture of the foam is extremely lightweight and sinks almost immediately after I applied onto my skin. I used this foam cleanser after my breakout was on the recovery mode and it would be great for people who is lazy to even lather the soap, haha! My favorite product of all range! 

Benzac Facial Scrub for all skin types 
I don't always use facial scrub, but when I do feel my skin needed some TLC, I would certainly used Benzac facial scrub. It has light yellow creamy texture on sight and smells lovely - like lemon cream pie! and the scrub wasn't as harsh and extremely gentle as I used the other brand previously. Contains little microbeads that gently exfoliates dead skin cells, feeling clean after using it. Plus, it's shows some improvements on my pores! Best scrub I've used so far!   

I didn't expect to put my before and after pictures but out of no where, I found my old pictures from last year and made a comparison with a recent picture of me after months using Benzac range! So, here you go! 
Final verdict: Here's the deal, every time I got stressed, I breakout...pretty bad and any skincare products I used it certainly doesn't do its job well. However, when Benzac became my skincare routine, I began to see the difference.  I would definitely repurchase Benzac products since it has rescue my breakout skin and I honestly think, Benzac Daily Facial liquid was the product that helped my skin lots! Eventhough my breakouts wasn't serious but it still does the job well by maintaining my skin from acne-free! (thanks to the ingredient inside called Calendula) Benzac is right, they are pain-free and fuss-free products! 

I do recommend teens who are having oily skin and breakout problems (Been there and I know how it feels like) 

Benzac Product's retail from RM12.20 to RM38.80

Availability at all Caring pharmacies, AEON Wellness and major independent pharmacies nationwide! 

For more information, visit Benzac Malaysia for more updates; 

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