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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tokyo Luxey 2nd Meet-Up at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Hello lovelies! Remember I've posted up Tokyo Luxey's first ever meet up in Malaysia? Yeap, they are back for 2nd meet up and I'm glad to see Tokyo Luxey team again! :) Previous meet up is all about Japanese beauty and makeup and this time, it's all about Japanese fashion brand and also travel! Hint: everything relates to Japanese cartoon icon, Hello Kitty! Be excited for this as I'm explaining about it more! :D

As usual Chie-san was the host of Tokyo Luxey meet up session, she explains each detail about this major fashion brand has been popular in most Japanese magazines locally and internationally called, "Oui, Ayano Ruban

Oui, Ayano Ruban is a Japanese fashion brand that focuses for more whimsical and heading towards the 'kawaii" look. Every of its fashion item are mostly in pastels and has their element of ribbons which represents the brand itself. If your style is similar as this fashion brand, you might love this fashion brand. How adorable the layout of this website was! 

I would say I'm pretty glad to be apart of Tokyo Luxey community because we will be the first people to know more about Japanese brands and launches before they release to the public! :)

During the meet-up, Chie-san show us a few items that are from Oui, Ayano Ruban and their best-selling and main product are these few awesome bags that I totally fell in love from first sight. HUGE RIBBON BOW CLUTCH! HOW CUTE IS THAT! :D Plus, it's really fluffy!!

Of course this bag is definitely eye-catching and it would be appreciate if we go to major events or maybe fashion events. If I'm not mistaken that these bags costs about MYR 300++ due to current exchange. Quite pricey I must say, damn it why does Japanese stuff always caught my eyes! ><
 The top was clutch and the bottom small bow bag was a sling bag
 Inside of the clutch
 Inside of the bag

Another black and white clutch from Oui, Ayano Ruban
 This bag has some pearl handles and also some diamond embellishments on the lock itself, classy. 

Since everything was all about ribbons, so what does bows reminds you? It's Hello Kitty! Remember her iconic look that has ribbon on her side ear? 

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? If you are, then you're in a right place! If you ever planning to travel to Japan specifically Tokyo, you must go this hotel called Keio Plaza Hotel which was located nearby Shibuya, Tokyo. This hotel has a unique concept which entirely was inspired by Hello Kitty! If you're dreaming about Hello Kitty, now your dream come true! 

Each and every part of the room was covered with Hello Kitty from bed sheets to wall papers to furniture, you name it! There's 2 types of Hello Kitty rooms you can choose, one was sweet and pink inspired and another was carnival and colourful inspired! :)

Even the drinking bottle is Hello Kitty inspired!  

 Food was served with Hello Kitty inspired desserts as well! How cool was that! 
To make reservations/ bookings, feel free to contact via on their website

Hello Kitty room reservation:

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

160-8330 Japan.
Tel:+81 3 3344 0111

Fax:+81 3 3345 8269

Special Thanks to Tokyo Luxey! 

For more information, visit Tokyo Luxey or maybe sign up become the community now! 

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