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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Introducing Shiseido MAQuillAGE Spring/Summer 2015 Collection - Dramatic Series

Hello lovelies! Lately I'm sharing a lot new Japanese beauty and fashion new launch and as for today, I will be introducing Shiseido MAQuillAGE Spring/Summer 2015 Collection featuring the Dramatic series! 

As for this collection, every product is all about feminine and elegant with a touch of sexiness. Either can be explained as innocent yet refined and mysteriously seductive which explains Kiko Mizuhara - model, actress and singer was chosen as MAQuillAGE ambassador. Not only she portrays herself as 'ladylike' beauty, but she has the personality that presents this entire collection. Dramatic series consists of Dramatic Melting Rouge (new series of lipsticks), Dramatic Mood Veil (blusher & highlighter), Dramatic Mood Potion and True Eyeshadow.  

Dramatic Melting Rouge | RM90
These lipsticks are specially formulated with "beauty oil" that brings excellent skincare benefits to your lips. Includes Shiseido-exclusive "phase separation technology" which was formulated with functional ingredients that would provide excellent shine and colour. That explains the lipsticks itself is juicy, luscious lasting lips that will lasts all day. 

Packaging wise, the concept called "Dramatic Glamour" with its bejewelled surface with pink gold called, "Precious Grid". The signature design was the part of Shiseido MAQuillAGE new look - aims to awaken a woman's beauty and to ignite spark in every woman's everyday life. 

 Available in 10 shades 

Dramatic Mood Veil | RM141 ; RM91 (refill)
First of all, let's appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is. It's so classy and luscious. This blusher comes with 5 colours and 5 textures that able to enhance the beauty facial features and expressions. Plus, it's long lasting face colour fits perfectly on the skin while retaining the initial lustrous and dull-free finish, leaving your face a dewy, glowy look.  
What's more interesting and I find it adorable was the blush applicator that was specially designed dual-end brush with sponge applicator that allows easy application. The brush consists a combination of firm and soft fibers that picks up powder well which allows shading to be done easy and quick. As for the dome-shaped sponge, it is soft and allows precise application of colour and able to completing a gradational finish without any special techniques.  
 Each powder are available in 2 colours and it is refillable. I personally like shade PK200 :)
True Eye Shadow - Limited Edition | RM150
As for this spring and summer 2015, MAQuillAGE presents a limited edition of True Eyeshadow that could accentuate your eyes with the combination of 5 colours. This trendy colour combination are able to produce a meltingly soft light that blends well into the skin with lasting clear colours that able to increase the impression made by eyes by almost 110%!* 
 Here's a description of each colours and how to use it

 Dramatic Mood Potion (Eau de Parfum) | RM106
Last but not least, this Dramatic Mood Potion is an oil-based fragrance specially for body and hair that not only provide moisture for the skin and luster for the hair, it exude an elegant fragrance. The fragrance consists of white floral and rose blend which depicts cleanliness and an elegant of sweetness. 

Plus, this luxurious thick oil can be applied on wirst, arms, décolleté and also hair ends. 

During the launch, every guests were pampered with hairdo and makeup, along with mood reading (which I didn't participate) 

The hairstylist was kind enough to ask me what hairstyle I want but I let her to do the magic and the outcome was pretty! :D 

Here's the hairstyle she did for me, braidsssss! love it! :)

Makeover session was just simple as we get touch ups while trying out Dramatic series collection, thanks to MAQuillAGE makeup artist! :)

Here's my overall look, simple and fresh makeup look. Love it!
For lips, I'm wearing Shiseido MAQuillAGE in the shade RD425 (Innocent Glamour)

Lovely ladies with their makeover done! :)  

Want to win Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Melting Rouge? Here's your chance! 

Step 1: Head to Shiseido MAQuillAGE counter and try them and snap a ladylike selfie with the Dramatic Melting Rouge 

Step 2: Post those photos onto Facebook and /or Instagram 

Step 3: Hashtag #MyMaquillage on your post 

Step 4: Wait for the announcement! 

There will be 30 winners in total! 
The contest ends on 12th February 2015 @ 5.30pm, so better hurry! :)

PS: I'm joining the contest as well! :P

For more information, visit Shiseido Malaysia for more updates; 

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