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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Introducing NEW AUPRES Aqua Energy for dehydrated skin

Hello lovelies! It’s been long hiatus that I’ve been facing my computer and been busy preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year and I’m excited to celebrate and meet my relatives! :D Anyways, for today I will be introducing AUPRES latest skincare range – AUPRES AQUA ENERGY

AUPRES is a Asian Beauty brand that was formulated from Japan but was created in China. They are back with the whole revolutionary moisturizing line for this upcoming spring season! Mostly signs of dehydrated skin that is easily spotted on the surface of the skin because it begins deep in the skin at the cellular level. Therefore, AUPRES has finally discovered the reason behind dehydrated skin are caused by harsh internal and external stresses of urban environment and also lifestyle that agitates skin’s inner –‘dry, heated cells’ and that’s how the ability of moisture retention reduces.
As for this range – AUPRES AQUA ENERGY was specially formulated with uniquely Green Tea Complex to soothe agitated cells (dry, heated cells), and also its exclusive Smart Moisture Complex (SMC). With the right amount of moisture, it would help to replenishes skin while conditioning its moisture-retaining environment. With this latest technology that allows each cell to trap in moisture abundantly, allowing the skin to brim with purified moisture even when exposed to severe dryness.

AUPRES AQUA ENERGY, your skin will be able to radiate luster created from moisture purified deep inside. For this whole range, they feature both basic skincare and special care products. Suitable for all skin types since each lotion and emulsion has caters for each skin types. 

 AUPRES Aqua Energy's ambassador - Zhou Dongyu (China popular actress)

AUPRES Aqua Energy's Products consists 6 products in total :)

Basic Skincare: Cleansing foam, Moisture lotion, and Moisture Emulsion

Special Care Products: Signature Moisture Capturing Essence, Cream and Eye Cream
Cleansing Foam: Forms fine and rich bubbles, and effectively cleans dirt in pores and fine lines while removing aged substances from dead cells, greasy sebum, dust, dirt etc and gently cleanses the skin while retaining necessary moisture.

Moisture Lotion / Rich Moisture Lotion/ Deep Moisture Lotion: Provides high penetration of strong moisturization and long lasting effect and able to lock moisture inside the skin for long hours.

Moisture Emulsion/ Rich Moisture Emulsion/ Deep Moisture Emulsion: Provides excellent penetrating capacity, adding moisture and luster continuously to the interior of skin, creating and maintaining fully hydrated, healthy and translucent skin.
[STAR PRODUCT] Moisture Capturing Essence: Highly functional moisturizing essence that not only exerts excellent moisturizing power and moisture-retaining ability but also promotes the strength of the skin to create its own moisture. Keeping your skin hydrated and repaired inside out. That is why it’s called as “An Essence like an Oasis in the Desert”
Cream: This cream helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by its moisture-locking effect; it helps to retain moisture for long hours, creating fully hydrated, translucent skin. Contains Vitamin E while promotes blood circulation into the skin and also, Olive oil as an emollient to moisturize and provide it with nutrients

Eye Cream: This eye cream improves fine wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles under the eyes by replenishing the skin abundantly with succulent moisture and reduces melanin and improves blood circulation. 

 AUPRES cosmetics displayed for touch ups and testing out the products 
Pretty eyeshadows and their packaging is so gorgeous!  

Available trial kits for you test out :)

During the launch, I was invited to become their 'model' demonstrate out AUPRES products and first impression wise, I might say my skin is definitely hydrated and surprisingly my skin wasn't as sticky or looking oily-looking as I test it out from the jar. Plus, my skin was hydrated and my makeup remain fresh looking until I reach home before I remove my makeup. Impressive, I must say! :)
After applying Aupres Aqua Energy and Aupres cosmetics  

More details about the products;
Cleansing Foam: RM65 / 125g
Moisture Lotion / Rich Moisture Lotion / Deep Moisture Lotion: RM80 / 170ml
Moisture Emulsion / Rich Moisture Emulsion / Deep Moisture Emulsion: RM85 / 130ml
Moisture Capturing Essence: RM120 / 80g
Cream: RM100 / 50g
Eye Cream: RM100 / 20g

Availability: Available at all AUPRES counters

For more information, visit AUPRES Malaysia for more;  

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