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Friday, January 2, 2015

My 10 highlights of 2014 & What I'm looking forward in 2015

Hello lovelies! Happy New Year! Yes, I know. It's already 2nd of January and I know it's pretty late to post about my 2014 but I have been debating on whether or not should I post about 2014 but screw it, I'm going to do this anyways because...yolo? lol

There's ups and downs and tons of things happening in 2014 but I will be picking it out my 10 highlights of 2014 and finally, end with a note with my resolutions and I'm looking forwards for the year 2015! 

#1: OOTDs 
I love fashion and I love taking pictures of myself with an nice outfit. So why not? I've been taking almost 30 ootds in my whole 2014 and I'm pretty stoked to see what where my style would be in the year 2015, since fashion changes from time to time and....I'm a year older..

Emily came to Malaysia for summer break is definitely one of my highlights in 2014. Even though we are few years apart - she's 16 and I'm 22. Nevertheless, we shared similar interest and we have snapchatting away since the day she left Malaysia (we can take silly and ugly selfies to the max haha!) and I'm really looking forward to meet her again, perhaps visiting her in the States? 

This might be the best highschool gathering ever! I wouldn't expect a surprise birthday party but just a regular highschool gathering with Mandy return to KL but out of nowhere, they brought a birthday cake and I was surprised because it's still August! Nevertheless, me and Michelle really enjoyed with our Birthday surprise :D Well played guys lol 

I got featured on Nuffnang #NNFeatureFriday! It might not be major for you but for me, it is! Every feature on the media matters to me! That's like an achievement for myself for years of blogging! :)

What's even better that I was featured on VIVI Magazine! Full page, Whutttttt. I couldn't believe I'm on the pages of VIVI Magazine! I've been dreaming myself on magazine since I was in highschool because I've always think that I'm never good at anything and some people may not want to be friends with me because...I'm not cool. But now I have come this far and oh mi gosh, it's really surreal to look myself on a magazine! That's definitely a big step for me and it is worth highlighting for 2014! 

Yup, I've been to Cameron Highlands for almost 4 times! Everytime my friends asked me where I'm going during holidays I would always answer: Cameron Highlands. They were like...AGAIN?! Well, the fact that my parents (especially dad) LOVES GOING TO CAMERON HIGHLANDS, they are never sick or bored of it because mainly, the weather lols. Here's a picture of me during Christmas! (Location: Lavender Garden @ CH)   

My grandpa passed away on 16 November 2014. Not much to talk about it but reminiscing old memories that I had with my grandpa. My mum and I tried our best to visit grandpa every week to see how he was doing. I still remember my grandpa gave me RM100 during June when I was having summer break. Tomorrow is the last day of 49 days of mourning (Buddhist ritual) and my 49 days of being vegetarian is definitely worth doing it for my grandfather because I know that he's already in a better place. 

#8 : New Year's Eve 
On a happier side, I get to celebrate New Year's Eve with my highschool besites! For the last 22 years, this is my first time celebrating with my friends. I know it's kinda cheesy but it's true! Usually I stayed at home but in 2014, it was an exception! Although there's only the five of us celebrating, it was fun! :D 

Wait, what?! I won?! Yes, I won a trip to Korea - 6 Days 4 Nights in few places nearby and in Seoul! Something I totally never expect that I would win a trip overseas! Or perhaps, they knew I was graduating soon :P I'm totally looking forward this trip!! :D

That's right! I've finally done with my degree....while waiting for my result to confirm that I'm officially a graduate.....unemployed graduate haha! Now you know why I'm sort of MIA in my blogs haha! Wouldn't expect I would come this far and I had a great 3 years degree with my lovely university coursemates! There's definitely ups and downs during the period but nevertheless, we made it! :D

This would be the most cliche thing ever because we usually wouldn't complete our resolutions because we would bring in the resolution that we had list in 2014 lol! Anyways, I still going to do it and maybe I might have crossed on my list! 

1. Be more productive on workouts and runs! 
2. Travel to countries that I've wished
3. Get employed 
4. Finding a better partner 
5. Be more organized 
6. Sleep early (impossible)
7. More productive in blogging
and I can't think more....I know there's more I can put in lol

1. South Korea trip! 
2. Graduation 
3.  Getting employed 
4. Travel more places with my besties 
5. More blogging! 

 Malaysia has been a not-so-good year in 2014 as there's too much incidents happening all around and I'm hoping that 2015 would be a better for us as Malaysians and also, country Malaysia. My everyday lives has making me a better and stronger person and every day is a new day for me. I'm really looking forward for more adventures in 2015. I guess that is it for my complications of 10 highlights of 2014! :D

 So what's your best highlight for the year 2014 and what you're looking forward for 2015? 
Let me know on the comments below because I know everyone is different that I have! :D

“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” - Santosh Kalwar

Cheers to a new chapter of 2015! 

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  1. looks like you have a wonderful 2014! May you have another great one in 2015!
    Happy New Year Angeline! =D

    30 Days Money Challenge here!!



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