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Friday, December 5, 2014

[REVIEW] BONANZA 寶藝 KFM Zymo-Excitative Membraneous mask

Hello lovelies! Gosh, it's been few months since my last skincare review but nevertheless, I'm back with a masque review! :D If you know you're familiar the trend of jelly masks such as epure or Annie's way, then you would love this mask! It's call Bonanza mask, originated and manufactured from Taiwan and this brand itself has a few types of mask, which depends on your skin concern. Therefore, I chose this KFM Zymo-Excitative Membraneous masque, and you may ask, what are benefits of this mask? 

Benefits of BONANZA KFM Zymo-Excitative Membraneous masque; 
  • Helps to brightens your skin from dullness
  • Relives skin redness or any irritations
  • Deeply cleanse your pores 
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your skin
  • Provides smooth and soft skin

More info about this masque: 
KFM Zymo-excitative Membranecus is able to prevent the formation and decomposition of melanin and thus, making your skin fairer. It contains natural chamomile extract that sooths your skin and deals with your skin discomfort and sunburn. Moreover, it cleanses your skin deeply and thoroughly, removing dirt from your pores, and hence achieving smoother, softer and fairer skin.
[Glyphosate]: Licorice-containing. Fights sensitivity. Calm and prevent skin irritations and prevent the formation of melanin
[High polymer gel]: Nourishes skin deeply, giving you an elastic and tender skin
[Glycerine]: Great skin emollient that forms a protective layer evenly on your skin to prevent your skin from losing its moisture.
[Amino Acids]: High grade amino acid provides all kinds of nutrients that your skin needs, achieving healthier and more beautiful skin.
This mask contains Q10 coenyzme, an antioxidant compound made naturally by the body that protects from free radicals and promotes healthy cell growth. Everyone needs Q10 coenyzme as we ages, because we may loose those properties.

If you're interested to know more watch these videos here (in Chinese):

To find out how great this mask is, let's test it out! 

Inside the mask, there's a mini spatula for you to apply the jelly mask onto your skin, just for hygiene purposes and better application aka to avoid mess. lol

As for the texture of this mask, it definitely jelly or gel-like texture and it's not sticky or very gloppy at the same time.  

Yup, it's clear jelly mask. 

Before application, do remember to apply toner and or any water based moisturizer for better results. Then, slowly use the spatula and spread the mask all over your face with the thick layer for about thickness of 10 sen coin. So be generous with the amount, the thicker the better effect! Don't worry, you can apply them on near your eye area too! 

Leave it about within 40 minutes or an hour. You must be wondering about the time taken of this mask, right? The reason was because jelly mask are usually less absorbent because of it's jelly like texture but the mask helps to deeply cleanse your pores and cools down your face. 

Upon application, it's super cooling which feels like I'm applying ice-cream on my face :P So while the mask is still on your face, you are free to do anything as the jelly mask doesn't fall off. 

After 45-60 minutes, it's time to wash them! Before cleansing, do remember to gently massage the masque as it helps to easily remove the dirt. Then, use the spatula to scrape out the excess jelly mask as jelly mask are not easy to remove with water. So, take note of that! 

After cleansing your face, you can use your basic skincare regime - toner, serum, moisturizer etc and you're done! 
NOTE: The mask is recommend to store on refrigerator for up to 3 months, to keep the mask fresh and cool and also, this mask could be apply on sunburn areas or areas after extraction (zit popping lol!)   

Here's my before & after mask application
It may not obvious on the difference itself but I definitely see the difference for myself as face is definitely brighter and less dull as before. My skin is so soft, smooth and bouncy right after I cleanse my face! I do have some minor redness of my sides of the nose and it seems less redness than before and lately, my face had some post-acne stress problems (thanks to exams) and after application, my acne are less obvious and less redness because of the cooling effect! :D

The only downside was during removing the mask, as it take some time to remove them as it's jelly mask. 

This wasn't my first time applying them as I have used this mask for the past 2 months. So, here's the 2 months of before and after! I used them twice a week :)

If you're looking for mask that provides brightening and deep cleansing, I would recommend this mask to try it out! 
Details of the product;
Price: pm for pricing
Weight: 250g
Availability: purchase them at Tofu Dofu 

Good news for all of you! 
Since the holiday season has come upon us before the new years, Tofu Dofu has ongoing Year End Sales for all BONANZA products! Visit their store for more info! 

For more information, visit Tofu Dofu for more updates; 
Contact via Wechat: taimy0820


  1. Oh! This product is very famous in Taiwan. I'd been using it everyday when I was studying in Taiwan past few years because the price is very cheap in Taiwan & the mask is very big (I used 550g 1). I think you used 1 is the latest version KFM coz last time I used 1 is without Q10.

    1. Hello! It was famous in Taiwan and yes, I used the latest version of KFM ^^

  2. thanks for your post, very informative ^_^
    I bought one 550g bottle in taiwan but it didn't come with spatula :( Do you know where i can purchase their spatula?

    1. Hello! Thank you for your feedback :)

      In this case, maybe you can purchase to any beauty supplies store and ask for mask spatula, I would estimate it would cost less than RM5 :)

  3. I think maybe Epure mask would be better??
    It is quite similar actually...



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