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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Introducing Sally Hansen's NEW Miracle Gel #OMGEL! ♥

Hello lovelies! Going to nail saloon for gel manicure sessions can be time consuming and expensive but now finally we can have saloon gel look in the comfort of our home! Thanks to Sally Hansen, they are back with another greater breakthrough gel invention - Miracle GelSally Hansen's Miracle Gel is the first ever home-based gel nail polish that could lasts up to 14 days of colour and shine without any UV/LED light! Plus, Miracle Gel doesn't require any special remover, just regular nail polish can be removed will do! :D

This latest range nail polishes are easy to apply and only requires 2 simple steps that you could achieve just like the gel manicure look from nail saloons! 

Steps to achieve high shine gel manicure with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
STEP 1: Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel colour 
STEP 2: Activate curing with 1 coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat 
STEP 3: Let the natural light do the rest, You're done! 

Do we don't need to apply base coat (for this range) you might ask? 
Miracle Gel doesn't require to apply base coat because it was solely designed to achieve up to 14 days of colour and shine, without the need to purchase a third product (base coat). 
In Malaysia, Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel are available in 11 shades of nail polishes that are on-trend for upcoming season for Spring 2015! This range comes along with a unique UV-gel like clear top coat that could achieve a high shine and glossy gel look, thanks to the technology of natural-light-curing! 

I did some swatches on false sample nails for all 11 shades! 
I just applied only 2 coats as the colour is so opaque and payoff was amazing! 

Here's a simple Christmas nail tutorial since holiday season has come upon us!  

1. Start by applying gel cuticle remover to soften and remove access cuticles 
2. By using a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles on the surface of the nail 
3. Apply Sally Hansen Hard As Nails as a base coat to avoid chipping 
4. First nail design was simple snow fall by using dotting tool to create snow fall
5. Second nail design was duo polka dot by using in shade Redgy & Grey Matter 
6. Third nail design was snowflake design - using a nail striper to draw out a simple snowflake design and finally finish off by dotting some white and silver dots to create snow fall look
7. Fourth nail design was cupcake design - follow simple tutorial from wikihow 
8. Once you're satisfied with all our nails, seal off with top coat
9. You're done! ♥

Here's my take for my Christmas inspired nails 
 All of the colours I used was from Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel, Nail Art Striper and Stylo Pen 
First nail was Christmas Tree, duh. Second nail design was just more like Bohemian inspired and lastly, simple rose pattern because I'm excited for spring! :D  

Details of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel; 
Weight: 14.7ml 
Price: RM34.90 
Availability: Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Caring Pharmacy, Parkson and AEON 1 Utama

Since Christmas is a joy of giving, Sally Hansen is having a special promotion just for the holiday season! What's not to love that this Xmas Duo Set for the price of only RM52.90! (1 nail colour and 1 Top Coat, N/P: RM69.80) 
SET 1: Pretty Piggy + Miracle Gel Top Coat 
SET 2: B Girl + Miracle Gel Top Coat 

Hurry go purchase it before it ends! 
Another reason to go shopping: it's Boxing day! 

Credit picture: Chency


For more information, visit Sally Hansen Malaysia for more updates; 


  1. Sho cute! I like the colour ya!

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    1. Me too, just in time for spring 2015! <3

  2. very nice post. love this nailpolish set, its so gorgeous. I need it! :)
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