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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Win prizes by taking a SELFIE at #KissMeMY Selfie Fixation Contest!

Hello lovelies! Quick announcement on my blog about this awesome contest that I wanted to share to all of you! Trust me, you will love it! This awesome contest relates to SELFIE! Who doesn't love taking pictures of yourself? (Admit it, I know you love taking selfies. We are the generation of being shameless :P)

Anyways, I'm pretty sure you know Kiss Me cosmetics (that I've been reviewed for a couple of times recently). Not too long ago, they just launched their new contest and I find it pretty awesome; it's Kiss Me Selfie Fixation Contest! You just need to take a selfie and you're in a running to win prizes worth RM70,000! Cool, right? 

This contest is pretty awesome that I head down to Watsons, Midvalley to join this contest and you must be wondering, how to join? Well my friend, here's how you can join (It's easy peasy lemon squeezy)

#1 Take a selfie with any Kiss Me product at Kiss Me Selfie Station
Just snap a picture of you with any Kiss Me product. Take your time girl, you can retake until you're satisfied with your selfie :P

 #2 Remember to your Selfie ID Code 
Once you've taken your best selfie, they will store your picture on their database and it will popped out your selfie code number to let you key in into their website :) 

#3 Key in & Upload your best selfie picture to your Facebook page 
Go to your phone or laptops, and log in to key in your selfie code, later follow the instructions given on the website (key in your details and submit to your picture on Facebook) if you're not sure, there's a Kiss Me assistant to help you! :D

NOTE: Do remember to set your Kiss Me selfie picture publicly to let your friends and family to vote for you because highest likes and shares will get awesome prizes! 


Oops I almost forgot! After taking a selfie, you will be rewarded with Kiss Me vouchers for your next purchase! You're literally killing 2 birds in one stone! BTW, I joined this contest too, maybe you can gimme a like as well :P 

What are the prizes?
Grand prizes - Highest Like gaining
Oct - Dec, each winner will get : 
Sony Xperia C3 Smart Phone + 1 year supply of Kiss Me Product + 100k Watsons points

2nd Prize - Highest Sharing
Oct - Dec, each winner will get : 
1 year supply of Kiss Me Product

Lucky Draw
Weekly Lucky Draw = 10 x RM100 worth Kiss Me product/ per week

Mystery Prize
Register at KissMeMY = Kiss Me products

Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Oct – 31 Oct
Like gaining period: 1 Oct – 7 Nov
Sharing period: 1 Oct - 7 Nov

Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Nov – 30 Nov
Like gaining period: 1 Nov – 7 Dec
Sharing period: 1 Nov – 7 Dec

Taking Selfie at Station: 1 Dec– 31 Dec
Like gaining period: 1 Dec – 7 Jan’15
Sharing period: 1 Dec – 7 Jan’15

You can find Kiss Me Selfie Stations at: 
Watsons Pavilion | Watsons Midvalley | Watsons One Utama 

Good Luck! 

For more information, visit Kiss Me Malaysia for more updates: 


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  2. Ohh Kiss Me makes such cute beauty products~ ^ ^
    This contest sounds like lots and lots of fun! ^ - ^



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