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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Get style and comfort to the next level with Sloggi ZERO PLUS

Hello lovelies! I'm not sure with you but I always had a problem when comes to undergarments. Every time I went out shopping for undergarments, especially bras - it is always the "unflattering" ones that are comfortable to wear and those pretty bras with amazing design doesn't made me comfortable to wear at all such as painful under-wire bra, the quality of the bra and many more. Until I discovered the perfect bra that is extremely comfortable and also stylish at the same time! It's Sloggi ZERO PLUS! 

Watch their advertisement of Sloggi ZERO PLUS before I continue :D

While I was shopping to replenish my bras, I went to Parkson at One Utama to went and shop for the perfect undergarment, I went and tried a few of the brands that was recommended by Parkson promoters, but most of them doesn't seem to please my requirements. Not too long, I passed by Sloggi counter and I was introduced by Sloggi promoter about their new Sloggi ZERO PLUS and the way she explained about the bra fitting and quality, it does pleases to my liking and so, I proceed to try it out! Since she's so friendly as well! :)

Just like Sloggi Zero, the new Sloggi ZERO PLUS is created more advance for extreme comfort as it is created by using destiny fabric together with micro-brush techniques providing a uniquely-soft, satin-smooth feel! 

Sloggi ZERO PLUS is designed for women to provide the freedom and fit to taste as well! The collection comes in the new variants of two brief styles, three cup styles and four stunning new colours with contrast! I love how the choice of colors are more towards the neutral tones, definitely versatile to wear on any clothing!   

Using Advanced Bonding technology, this collection has zero seams that able to create the best silhouette that can create on any outfit! I couldn't believe how seamless the bra is! Not to forget, Sloggi ZERO PLUS bra has ultra-flat edges and soft linings that create an invisible effect! So you can avoid those embarrassed moments of "quad boob"! (if you don't know what that means, click to read)

How can this new innovation happen? Sloggi heightened by using the print pad technique used to place the labels. This flexible and versatile enough to wear for any occasion, whether is a busy day of work to a romantic dinner or night out with your friends! :D   

Not to forget Sloggi ZERO PLUS underwear has fabric of high spandex content which has more elasticity that gives you the freedom to move and do whatever you want! Say goodbye to visible panty lines! The fabric is extremely soft that I keep touching it :P

During that day itself, I was assisted by Sloggi staff, Jalavia and she helped to find my perfect bra size by measuring them before I head to the fitting room. Once I tried them on, I think I found my perfect bra - it's so comfortable that I feel like I'm not wearing anything! I absolutely love it!

Sloggi ZERO PLUS collection has 4 colours to choose from (adding the skin colour); also they have option of padding and non-padding bras too! 

Since you're wondering; if this undergarment gives infinite comfort, so is it stylish? The answer is absolutely yes! It's modern, chic and simplicity with one colour! You can simply by wearing a white shirt to show off your bras! You can say goodbye to your grandma undergarments haha! :P

You can also mix match with one another with the bras and underwears, it would still looking absolutely stylish! Perhaps, Black colour bra with purple undies? Looking gorgeous and chic! 

Since I mentioned it's comfy and stylish at the same time, here's some inspirations for you when you're wearing with Sloggi Zero Plus! I created a few outfit coordinate with Polyvore btw! :D 

Parisian Chic 
Sloggi Zero Plus coordinate

Sloggi Zero Plus coordinate by angeline-ng featuring a moisturizing lipstick

I love this outfit as it is classy and sophisticated at the same time, wearing a nude bra and undies is definitely as winner as we can show a little bit of skin to avoid any awkward situations! Suitable for classy events and fashion shows, I love this look! :D 
*pat myself on the shoulder* 

Modern Grunge 
Sophisticated casual

Sophisticated casual by angeline-ng featuring lips makeup

I think this my favorite go-to-outfit when comes few of my favourite things - choker, band Tshirt and also rose gold accessories! You can show off a black bra by wearing a sheer t shirt to make it a rugged look! This has been a trend for summer 2014 as I seen a few of teen celebrities especially Kylie Jenner! :D

Sloggi ZERO PLUS retails starting from RM149.90 for bra and RM42.90 for briefs
Available at all Sloggi Counters! 

Guess what colour of undergarment I brought home? I got the nude colour! ;D 

For more information, visit Sloggi Malaysia for more updates; 


  1. wow! I've always wanted to get a seamless undergarment heehee thanks for sharing sweetie <3



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