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Thursday, September 4, 2014

SASA's 1st Lifestyle Concept Store in Malaysia @ Sunway Pyramid

Hello lovelies! SASA has its own outlet at Sunway Pyramid but now they have relocated and revamped their outlet with bigger and better facilities for customers. I was amazed of being how spacious the store is! It's freaking huge! :D Plus, this outlet has more cosmetics available, so it's basically your one-stop shop for beauty and cosmetics. I think I can spend my whole day at SASA haha!

Official grand opening with dance performance by SASA Pink Girls!

Trust me when I say it's huge, it's really big. 

During the event, there were 2 makeup demos by local makeup artist and starting with this makeup demo, where she focuses on bold high arched brow, flawless skin and a bold dark lip colour. It's pretty obvious to see the theme from the outfit of the makeup artist and the model. :p

She explained the products that she applied onto the model's face and by perfecting them using a buffing brush, lightly buff around the model's face for even smoothed complexion. 

The makeup artist uses Cyber Colors Cosmetics latest range called Black Label, specifically Essence UV Moisture Base and followed by Essence UV Liquid Foundation. It provides a flawless texture and luminous complexion. 

Here's the model's finished look. 

The 2nd makeup demo was more towards on the eyeshadows and the makeup artist is going for a oriental makeup theme by giving a dark smokey eye look and of course, complete them with a red bold lip. 

The makeup artist lightly swipe some dark colours onto her eyelid and start blending them by using her fingers. 

The makeup palette she was using was Art Deco's eyeshadow range whereby you can personally customized the eyeshadow colours to your taste. There's wide range of colours to choose from from bright colours to natural brown colour. :)

Here's the model's finished look. 
Very oriental and I love how the makeup goes really well with the model's phoenix eyes.  

SASA lifestyle concept store does not only sells cosmetics, they also have different corner sections for makeup brands whereby customers can try out the products and also, providing makeup service. (I'm not sure if it's free or not but you can go in and ask the SASA staff)
Cyber Colors Cosmetics has dark chic and sophisticated section 

There's more cosmetics and skincare brand section for customers to check out the products and try them out. 

Kiss Me cosmetics section is the cutest section which goes to sweet girly theme with shades of pink, vintage and a feeling of 'princess room'. 

Carina posing for Kiss Me corner haha! 

Dr.G is a prestige Korean cosmeceutical brand and I read sources that 8 out of 10 Korean women is using this cosmetic brand! Their bestseller is Hydra Intensive Mask and also their BB creams!

Collistar has been on SASA store for quite some time, an Italian cosmetic brand that provides most products from makeup to skincare and also to body treatments! 

Another corner of Suisse Programme, where the brand focuses on skincare products with their latest technology. Oh, didn't I tell you SASA provide facial treatments for customers?! 
O.O Yes, they do!! Now I have more reasons to come here! 

Fragrance lovers, this is your heaven.  

That's not all, there are more and more skincare products from different brands and also there's skin consultation available for customers! 

Don't forget the bath and body section! Spot the little cute bath tub! :D

Do drop by and check out SASA's first lifestyle concept store!
It's gonna be an exciting shopping experience and shop till you drop! :D 

SASA @ Sunway Pyramid 
Lot LG 120.A
Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 47500
Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(Next to Toys R' Us)

For more information, visit Sasa Malaysia for more updates and promos; 


  1. The dresses of the Sasa pink girls look so cute and fun teehee! ^ 3 ^

    1. ya super adorable but the dress must a bit heavy tho :P

  2. I'm in love, I'm absolutely in love. I'm so in love, I'd brave the weekend jam to Sunway Pyramid just so I can see this for myself. Thank you so much, Angeline for the lovely pictures and blog post, it was a real joy to read! I would never have guessed that SASA would open a concept store of this scale. I'm really keen on the facials though!! ^-^

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. you're welcome, Rin! :) Glad you're enjoying it!
      There's tons of skincare brands to discover and if you're a skincare junkie, you will love it!
      I was attracted with Dr.G brand! :)

    2. I have actually used Dr. G's face mist and I love it very much. The "spread" is really good and the formula is very moisturising, ideal if you're going to take a holiday to a dry country or somewhere where it's winter. =) Perhaps I should take a look at their entire line. What products are you loving the most from them so far? <3

      xoxo Rin
      Fuurin Diary

    3. Ohh really? then I have to check it out! :D
      I have never tried any of the products but I seen some reviews about their BB creams tho :)

  3. Really nice pictures!
    Let us follow each other via G+ and GFC! :)

  4. Love that Kiss Me corner. How I wish they do have a few 'cute' corners at Sa Sa here in Sabah. T_T



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