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Monday, September 15, 2014

Raya Foodie Adventures: Penang Island | Part 2

Hello lovelies! It's already been a week away from my blog; still process of juggling between my studies, event and my blog. #studentlife Anyways, as I promised I will be following up my Penang trip PART 2! First you're new here, check out my PART 1!  Without further ado, let's start! :D

Rise and shine, peeps! Woke up early about 9am to kick start our day....eating breakfast at kopitiam! lol
Duffy says morning! 

Our initial plan is going to Balik Pulau and we have not been there for such a long time. After our breakie, we passed by a place called "Sun Yat-Sen Centre". It's a memorial site for the memory of Dr.Sun Yat-Sen where he step his foot in Penang. Well, if you originally from Chinese School, you probably would know the history about it. As myself, I wasn't familiar with it. 
I did some little googling and this is what I got. 

"The Penang Philomatic Union, today housing the Penang Sun Yat-Sen Centre, is a reading club started by the Tung Meng Hooi, a political party started in Tokyo in 1905 with the intention of turning imperial China into a republic. For cross reference, please refer to the Sun Yat-Sen Penang Base at 120 Armenian Street. The building it is occupying was originally the Sio Lan Teng, a Chinese merchant's club. It was here that Dr Sun Yat-Sen delivered his first speech in Penang. At that time, the Penang audience took to his speech with yawning indifference, little knowing that this English-educated physician will one day bring down imperial China." - Penang Philomatic Union 

Along the centre, there's a long history about it whereby they built miniature dolls to portray what are the following events during that period of time. 

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Centre

20 Lorong Susu off Macalister Road, 


The trip to the memorial place wasn't as long as I was expected and we headed our way to Balik Pulau for food hunting! I was dozing off during the journey and we stopped by for durians. If you do not know, Balik Pulau is famously known for 2 things - Lemak Laksa and Durian

Sadly, we were in the wrong time because it wasn't during durian season. Durian season is usually in the month of June, July, November and December. We asked for D24 or Musang King durian but unfortunately, the owner wasn't being honest because we know the difference of those durians. I prefer durians have a golden bitterly taste to it. This durian we ate was rather watery, less bitter and overly sweet. 

Soon, we went to fruit farm about 10 minutes away from where we ate our durians. I wasn't sure what's the name of the place but pretty sure it's famous around here. There's tons of tourists buses around the place. 

Nothing fancy, we just ordered a plate filled with mixed fruits - guava, papaya, watermelon, melon, starfruit and pamelo. Is it juicy and delicious? Meh. Perhaps, we're in the wrong season. 

Okay, best part of Balik Pulau trip? THIS MEAL. I've been waiting for this for a long time. It may seem as typical Asam Laksa but it's not. It's Lemak Laksa! It's not common in the island as it was heavily influenced from Thai Laksa. The name itself was named after the broth that contains creamy goodness of coconut milk. My grandma used to made this a lot when I was little - she lived in Balik Pulau before!  
Best drink to compliment with, Ambra Juice! Or you called it as Kedongdong / "Sar Lay". It's refreshing and definitely, taste sour but of course, they added some sugar water to let it taste sweet and sour! Delish! 

Of course, with Har Gou (shrimp paste), blends well together that gives a aroma of sweetness from the shrimp. The dish was absolutely delicious filled with flavours around them - it's sweet and bearable spicy and sour, as well. Honestly, this dish is my absolute comfort food when comes to Balik Pulau. (I ate 2 bowls, RM3.50 per bowl) I think I gonna annoy my granny to make some XD

Our food mission has done in Balik Pulau and it's time to get back to the city area. Then we stopped by Thai Buddisht Temple to pray our respects. 
180-foot Reclining Buddha or known as Sleeping Buddha 

Lotus candle for peace and harmony 

This Thai Buddhist Temple has pretty architectural designs and it has been here since the 1840's, given by Queen Victoria. 

This site from above reminds me of a movie called, "Anna and The King

Used Panaroma feature to shoot this site. 

I'm pretty sure I have take time travel to visit Thai palace haha! 
Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist temple
Lorong Burmah, 10250 Penang
Operating time: 6.00am - 5:30pm (Everyday)

Opposite the Thai temple, there's another temple belongs to the Burmese. Founded during the 1800's before Thai Buddhist temple was built. Being one of the earliest Burmese temple in Malaysia and featuring their historical pagoda has become tourists attraction. 

Mum and bro giving donations along the alley

*there's a hand photobombed in this picture*

Colour-stained glass selfie! :P

Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple
24 Burma Lane, 
10250 Pulau Tikus, 

That's about it, actually. The next following day, we checked-out at 12 noon and the weather was rainy and we just went some shopping for tau shar peah biscuits and other snacks then we headed back to Kuala Lumpur after that. 
That sums up my Penang trip during Raya! Apologize if this post is rather short compared with my Part 1 series but anyways, hope you enjoyed reading it! :D 

Till then, 

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