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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OOTD | Keeping it BLACK & WHITE

Hello lovelies! I'm back to uni and tons of workloads is coming my way! (T-T) Anyways, I've an OOTD for you guys! This is more like an impromptu shoot with my blogger sisters, Chency and Carolyn after Urban Decay event! (that post will be up soon!)

Since Urban Decay has launched their limited edition Pulp Fiction makeup collection, I decided to wear this outfit which was inspired by Ms Mia Wallance from Pulp Fiction which is a retro movie from the 90's staring, John Travolta and Uma Thurman (Mia Wallance). Basically in the movie, her outfit is super simple - a white shirt with black bra underneath and long black pants and black flats. That's it. Really simple and most people take it as a last minute Halloween costume but that day, I decided to wear it early and bring it to the streets. 
Here's my version of Mia Wallance (exception of her signature short black hair, I don't have a wig and I don't want to sacrifice cutting my hair!) That is why I'm just inspired from her outfit. Fun fact: I'm wearing Urban Decay's lipstick in the shade; Ms Mia Wallance!

I'm pretty sure I've break the rule of Mia Wallance outfit, I tied my shirt a knot to bring my outfit a character and also, I prefer cuffing my pants a little higher, so I won't short as hell T-T Finally, I added a black plastic choker that we used to wear them during the 90's to bring out more badass and edgy look. :P
White Shirt: Brook Brothers
Bralette: Online shop 
Pants: Zara 
Shoes: Happy2u
Choker: Divine

I borrow Chency's hat since it matches my outfit haha! 

Finally, I took a duo shoot with Carolyn! :D

A great big thanks and also a hug, to Chency for helping me to take this awesome photos! I totally love the outcome of it! :D 

Till then, 

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