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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Introducing NEW Philips VisaPure facial cleansing device has finally launched in Malaysia!

Hello lovelies! I'm back with a hectic week but I'm excited to share with you of what's happening during this week! Philips has finally launched their facial cleansing device in Malaysia! It has been awhile in other countries and last year they launched this device in Singapore that I've seen on Qiu Qiu's blog posts and finally, it's now in Malaysia! *yays* 

I was lucky enough to be invited exclusively to attend their launch event at Vila Manja, located at housing areas nearby KLCC and this place is basically a house and that explains why I felt like home. The environment is so stress-free and cozy, once I entered this place. Everyone was treated with shoulder and foot massage to relax ourselves from our stress life and also, served with healthy foods with their delicious fresh juice with Philips Juicer! Mmmm...~.~ 

Everything goes on relaxed as they started with a sharing session with a little group of bloggers and sharing session started from Dr.Christina Chea, who is aesthetic physician with more than 10 years of experience. According to Dr.Christina, she explained that most Malaysian women doesn't use the proper technique of applying their daily skincare regime and that explains facial skin issues comes arise. However, proper cleansing is always crucial that ensures your pores are unclogged, thus allowing your skin breathe. 
Additionally, she add on saying that using bare hands to wash your face to get rid of dirt and makeup might be insufficient for proper cleansing. Due to the fact that our hands are unable to reach certain contours of our face and there's still might be some dirt or makeup residue and maybe dead skin cells nor sebum secretions that are left inside the pores. In resulting of accumulation of those residue that will clog up the pores and causes spots, dullness and even acne. 

Sometimes washing and applying facial products aren't enough and that's where the cleansing device comes in. Back in Netherlands HQ, Philips' researchers and technical experts and tested by skincare laboratories, combining dermatological expertise with smart technology and finally, they developed a great cleansing device that could enhance women's skincare regime. Introducing, Philips VisaPure. 
Philips Malaysia, Marketing Manager for Personal Care - Ms. Kong Puey Yoon continued the session explaining what basically Philips Visa Pure works and the benefits of this cleansing device. 

According to Philips, Philips Visa Pure is the only cleansing system in the world that features 'Dual Motion' technology, along with their silky soft brush that rotates and vibrates to gently remove makeup and dirt and also, cleanses away dead skin cells. This cleansing device is fully waterproof and can be used in shower for true convenience, if you fell it onto the sink, it's okay! :P 

Plus, this cleansing device uses vertical vibrating motion of the brush that breaks up the surface dirt, which is then swept away by rotating movement, leaving skin deeply cleansed and stimulated, giving better absorption and revitalizing your skin to swiftly reveal your radiant complexion. Philips proved that Philips VisaPure are 10 times more effective than cleansing by hand. 

*80% of the consumers achieved up to 10 times more makeup removal compared to hand cleansing according to Philip internal tests. 
Philips Visa Pure bristles not only lift the trapped impurities but also creates a comfortable massaging effect that improves micro-circulation that could bring out skin's natural radiance and allows to glow from skin within. 

After sharing session, we were escorted into a special section whereby every vanity booth has a beauty consultant that will assist each person during that evening.  

Here's Philips VisaPure cleasning device. Packaging wise, Philips developed the device to suit the needs of modern women that has a iconic and stylish finish. The colour of the device is in peach colour but there's another model in blue (but has lesser function)

Moreover, it is compact and portable - perfect for travelling because it could last up to 2-3 weeks (30 times usage) with just one full charge (6 hours)!! 

Inside the Philips VisaPure, they included 2 brushes - normal brush head and sensitive brush head. The sensitive brush head is specially designed for sensitive skin types that requires extra attention as it is has extremely soft bristles (softer than normal brush) and helps to minimized abrasion.

 Another brush head that wasn't included was exfoliating brush head. It is great for exfoliation and helps gently remove dull and dead skin cells and you can just use your normal cleanser to exfoliate. 
Price will be written on the bottom of this blog post. 

My beauty consultant named Jess and she was approachable and friendly enough to show me demo presentation of difference using hands and Philips VisaPure cleansing device. By drawing few strokes of eyeliner on both sides to see the difference. She uses makeup remover to remove them 2 ways; by hand and by Philips VisaPure

Here's the difference between both of them. it's pretty obvious that this cleansing device certainly wins this challenge. My left side of eyeliner reside has literally gone within seconds and the right side has some remain obvious eyeliner reside and it need time to remove the eyeliner. Pretty amazing! 

As for the orange demo presentation was to depicts orange skin as our skin pores. I totally forgotten to take a snap of the before and after picture and maybe I will do a demo presentation myself for my review post. :)

Philips VisaPure has two speed settings
#1 First speed was 'gentle cleansing' for mild and soft cleansing 
#2 Second speed was 'deep cleansing' for more intensive cleanse such as makeup

Philips VisaPure has skin zone timer where it divide into 3 zones; T-zone, left cheek and right cheek. Each zones are only done in 20 seconds and once it pauses, you can start switch to another zone. The whole cleansing lasts for one minute which the device will automatically switch off to avoid over stimulation and to let you know that you have completed cleaning your face! :)
Little draft of how it basically works
 (pardon me for the ugly arrows but you get my point)

During the section, I was asked to remove my makeup (even my lashes) and they did asked me to bring my own cleanser and skincare products for better use. Starting with damped your face and using my own cleanser and start create 4 dots around my face. Not to forget to wet Philips VisaPure brush and press button and start circulating the device all over my face.  
I was quite clumsy at first because it's my first time using this cleansing device and later on, I got the hang of it and I was pretty impressed how clean my face was! :D

After cleansing, I did asked Jess to teach how to clean the bristles if there's any makeup or dirt reside on the brush. 
#1 Put any face cleanser on top of the brush and wet the bristles 
#2 Using fingers to scrub thoroughly to let the cleanser spread over the brush
#3 Gently wash the bristles using water and that's it! 

After the session, I was given a express makeup and hairdo by the makeup artist and hairstylist because the night is still young! :P

Thanks to my beauty consultant, Jess that assists me the whole evening and teaching me how to use the cleansing device :D

Philips Malaysia has given to let me try their cleansing device for review consideration within 4 months period and it's been 2 days that I'm constantly using them day and night and I'm loving this device! Even my mum saw the major difference of my face when I'm using this device and sometimes she even use this cleansing device without my permission! =_= 

Stay tuned for my upcoming review for Philips VisaPure! 

Price details for Philips VisaPure; 
Philips VisaPure Peach [SC5275]: RM799
 (including 2 speed settings with 1 normal brush head and 1 sensitive brush head)

Philips VisaPure Blue [SC5265]: RM699
(including 1 speed setting with 1 normal brush head) 

Brush heads price list; 
Normal brush head (SC5990): RM59
Sensitive brush head (SC5991): RM65
Exfoliating brush head (SC5992): RM69

Now available at selected Harvey Norman outlets (Ikano, Ampang Point, Paradigm, Pavilion).
 More information here!

I heard from the beauty consultants and they said might be available at Watsons soon, I will keep you guys update on my Facebook page. 

For more information, visit Philips Malaysia for more updates; 



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