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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Introducing Make Up For Ever's New Generation of 210 shades of Artist Shadow

Hello lovelies! Make Up For Ever is back again with their new product launch as I will be talking about it very soon. But first, there were a new guest during the workshop and her name was Ms. Erika Saenz, Make Up For Ever Regional Education Manager For South Eat Asia (SEA) and she's from the Philippines. So you will about to see a long introduction of this makeup collection, so take your time to read them :D

During the workshop, Erika share how this eye shadows range were come about. There's no introduction as Make Up For Ever are known for it's creamy and pigmented with wide range of colourful eyeshadows. 

Eye shadows are the first ever product that was created by Dany Sanz (the Creator and Artistic Director of MUFE) during the 1984. During that period of time, there were no makeup store selling to both for professionals and general public, and there's no eyeshadow line had such wide range of colours. Dany Sanz created her first 100 eyeshadows at that time and everything was basically "hand-made" (round and see through little pots) as you seen in most of MUFE eyeshadows. She said she could have created 500 eyeshadow shades by now but it wasn't her goal. She wanted to offer profusion, which is not be confused with 'too much'.  It took about 3 long haul years to create the highest quality of eye shadows with their latest formulas of technology. These latest eyeshadow colours you're about to see later, were ultra-precise colours, painstakingly developed and chosen with great care. Introducing, Make Up For Ever's New Generation of Artist Shadow

These Artist Shadow has 210 shades that were fine, easy to blend, supple texture, ultra-pigmented, even colour for intensely for luminous result. The eye shadow shades were intensely pigmented with subtle colours and had great glosses and sheen on their eye shadows. 
Artist Shadows has their own casings for each pot (the side plastic display casing), you can get mono (one eye shadow), duo, trio and also, palette pan case for keeping your eye shadows, you can purchase with a choice of the 4,6,12,24 case palettes. 

In these new Artist Shadow are like a collection of haute colours, there's rich palette of intense shades that comes with 5 effects - Matte, Satiny, Iridescent, Diamond and Metallic. These eye shadows are really creamy and pigmented, it is definitely versatile and could apply on eyelids, face and body. 
What's great about these eye shadows are they have huge eye shadow pan size that could last you for a long time! It has a great generous amount of eye shadows with better eye shadow formulas - easy to apply, blend, impeccable hold (no fall outs) and instant colour effect! FYI,it's pot metal are made from 77% cling mix. 

When you're in Make Up For Ever store, you can ask for specific eye shadows based from their codes;
Matte (Code:M), Stainy (Code: S), Iridescent (Code: I), Diamond (Code: D) and Metallic (Code: ME)

Since there's 5 different effects but the pearly and matte formulas were developed using 2 different types of state-of-art-of-technology. 

Pearly Formulas (Satiny, Metallic, Iridescent, Diamond)
ARTIST SHADOW pearly shades feature two technical innovations: Water-Blend
Technology and Pigment Atomization.

. Pigment Atomization brings purity, evenness and extremely intense color.
. Water-Blend Technology: powders, pigments and new 3D gel polymers are mixed
with water to create a formula that is heavily loaded with pigments (up to 71.5%).
Water is then extracted through evaporation, giving a supple and slightly creamy
texture with extremely vivid colors that can be endlessly blended.
. Other Key Ingredients of the Formula: Mother-of-pearl, to add intensity and
shine to the color, plus metal oxides and black pigments for all the metallic effects
(metal finish).
. Good to Know: The particles of these eye shadows are less volatile which means
they don’t fall away during application.

Matte formulas
ARTIST SHADOW offers fine and supple matte formulas that contain no pearlized
particles whatsoever and provide an outstandingly even result.

. Pigment micronization ensures color is pure and even.
. Heavy pigment load – up to 88% in the matte black shade – guarantees hold and
color intensity.
. Nylon powder makes the formula ultra soft so it’s easy to apply and to layer.
. Zinc oxide and talc ensure optimal hold that stays fast.

Ms. Erika Saez did 2 makeup demo for creating Make Up For Ever's signature makeup look. Plus, showing us some tips and tricks of using these eye shadows.  

Her first makeup demo was called Royal Blue because of it's metallic blue colour and it creates a high class and luxury look. 

During the demo, she uses upward gradient by swiping the eye shadows horizontally, by applying layer by layer from dark, all the way up to a lighter blue shade. Not to forget blending while applying this makeup colour. 

Did i mention that Artist Shadows could be applied on face? Yup! Ms.Erika used a light pink eye shadow to ehance her cheeks making it looking flush and blue and pink always comes together perfectly! :D

Her second makeup demo was totally a different technique. She creating a sideway gradient by applying green moby eye shadows vertically to create a bigger looking eyes. It might seem odd to apply but trust me, it looks great once you blended them all together! :) 

Starting from the darkest shade on the outer corner of the eyelids to the light shade on the inner corner eyelids. Then, slowly blend the harsh shadows to a softer eye makeup look. 

This makeup look is Make Up For Ever's fundamental make up look, or you can say their signature look. 

The green eye shadows has a iridescent effects and I love how the colours goes so well on our eyelids! Plus, it took Ms.Erika about 5 minutes to finish this look! 

To finalize her makeup look, she uses a peach coral shades to swipe them on her cheeks. We want this makeup look focus mostly on the eyeshadows. 

After the workshop, all of us got a chance to try out these eyeshadows and I asked Jane, to do anything on my eyes as long it compliments my outfit for that day. I gave her an idea of fierce punk rock chic, so here's what she created! :D
Okay, being a first timer of using these such intense makeup look - I loveeee it! 
Side note: I did an OOTD post featuring this makeup look, check it out

Thank you, Jane for a great makeover! She's such a friendly makeup artist! 

Ms. Erika Saez and mua! 

Finally, a group of picture of bloggers with our freshly applied makeup! #happygirls :D
(Shivani, Chency, Edazz, Me and Carolyn)

Of course, it's too pretty that I don't want to remove my makeup. Might as well take some nice selfies for a great memory! xD
The result was amazing as it also lasts pretty well as I didn't apply any sort of primer, talk about high quality eye shadows! :)

Price details for Artist Shadows; 
Refill eye shadow pots: RM63 each 
Pan Casing for mono, duo and trio: RM20 each

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows are now available at all Sephora outlets nationwide, including pro boutiques. 

Pro boutiques: Sephora Starhill (Level 2)
Boutiques: Penang Gurney Plaza 

For more information, visit Make Up For Ever Malaysia for more updates; 

Disclaimer: display product pictures credited to Chency (my pictures were corrupetd)


  1. Such gorgeous eye makeup looks! I'm so jealous!
    Also that look really suited your outfit and everything. So rocket chic and yet compliments your face and doesn't look "too much" at all! =D Glad you had a great time at the workshop! I love Make Up For Ever's eyeshadows~

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Thanks! :D I love the makeup look as well that I can't resist to remove them haha! I love their eye shadows as well! x

  2. Love your eye makeup. You look good in the combination of orange and black! She did a good job. I have not try any of mufe eyeshadow yet, I should check em out when I drop by Sephora next time. <3


    1. Thanks Janice! :D I agree with you, she did a great job! Go ahead and do some swatches! :D



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