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Monday, September 1, 2014

Going back to the 50's at Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival 2014!

Hello lovelies! Last Saturday (which was just 2 days ago), I went to Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival (KLVF in short) and I brought along with my high school friends along, since it's Saturday :D So, if you don't know about this fest - it's basically a flea market where people sells their old vintage goods or maybe pre-loved items; from clothes to household items. This festival was on-going in 5 days, so no excuse of not going. :P Whatever vintage reminds you, it's everything in this festival. :)

And so I walk around and took some shots, since it's my first time visiting KLVF at Stadium Merdeka. While walking the flea market, I can feel the feeling of transporting into the 50's of Malaya and don't worry, it's a good o' feeling. 
Oh gosh, I'm eye-ing that Ferragamo shoes (with a black bow) :D 

My friends spotted a Bally clutch laying on the red luggage but it was kinda pricey.

Spotted a booth that sells handcrafted leather from purses to necklace and they give free engrave service when you purchase any of them! My friend brought a few stuff from them because it's pretty cheap and they got their names engraved on their mini purses, also super friendly people! :D 

Do check out Verdez Olivia on Facebook 

Stopped by Aishah's mini booth :D 

Aishah's shop, Urbn8 are mostly on flea markets, bazaars and festivals, so do follow her on Instagram to know where is her next stop! 
Don't forget to say hi to her, she don't bite! haha

 Tons of sporty stuff and winter preloved jackets and yes, it's was scorching hot because it's situated in the middle of Stadium Merdeka :)

Preloved Dr. Martens, anyone? 

 Vintage typewriters! 

Remember those cutlery from kopitiams?   

Old school book and Hari Raya cards during the Malaya times; the feels! 

Preloved bags and we spotted some nice bags and my friend tried to ask for discount but the vendor doesn't allow but he said can get discount before this... =.= 

More Dr.Martens and Vans.

This area is so 80's with a hint of punk rock, somehow. 

The Stadium was played with Bob Marley songs and P.Ramlee songs with old vinyl, pretty fascinating to see a vinyl player I must say.  

#groupfie with my babes! Called for a mini reunion!

My OOTD is everything from Cotton On except my Converse lols 

I didn't brought anything because I didn't see anything that fancy me beside looking by vintage items around. 
However, my friend (Janice) got me a necklace that has leather leaves as a birthday gift. Totally love how bohemian this necklace is! Thanks Janice! It's from Verdez Olivia, fyi. 

That sums up my little visit at KLVF 2014 and I really enjoyed walking around seeing vintage stuffs and getting the old school vibe during the fest. If you're a vintage lover or maybe a old school collector, you will love this. Looking forward for 2015! 

To find out more, visit Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival for upcoming events! 


  1. i wanted to go one,,,but i was in malacca..oh seem that these market n festival always come the wrong time for me..

    1. Ohh don't worry it's yearly event, so enjoy your malacca trip! haha :)

  2. Missed this bazaar because it was too far ): One thing about vintage bazaars is that the prices are overpriced. Did you faced that problem?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Well, it depends what you're looking for. Sometimes I guess they take "vintage" as a possession. So maybe some things might be a little overpriced. During the bazaar, there's a few vendors :x

  3. Love vintage stuff! The shoes and sunglasses are all adorable!

    1. Yeap, I love those sunglasses but they are not vintage tho :o



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