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Thursday, August 28, 2014

[REVIEW] Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon

Hello lovelies! Recently I've been a sucker for lip crayons. It's so cute, fun and travel friendly! It has been trending all over the beauty world and has been a necessity for most ladies! I'm pretty sure most brands has their own version of their lip crayons. Surprisingly, I've received a parcel from Natta Cosme to review Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons! I was so excited and impatient that I ripped off the parcel, haha! ><

If you don't know Miss Hana, it's basically like the Taiwanese version of 3CE in Korea. Miss Hana is a Taiwanese brand and has been pretty popular in Taiwan and also, bestseller product of their famous Gel Eyeliner Pencil and has been reviewed by famous bloggers, internationally and locally. :)

Not only that, Natta Cosme included a box of crayons and gosh, it brings me lots of memories when I was a little girl. Anyhow, does Lip crayons reminds you of crayons that you used to draw during art class? :D

Oh yes, I received 2 lip balm crayons and I love how beautifully it was packaged and it literally looks like those jumbo crayons that you seen during art classes. Can you imagine yourself apply lip crayons and people stare at you because they thought that you're literally applying crayons but you're not? :P

Here's how it  looks like before I open the package. Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon packaging replicates similarly with a regular postcard and each shade was named by different places all around the world. Adorable, isn't?
Here's the swatches and shades; 
I gotten 2 shades which are NY Uptown Pink Girl and Purple Sakura Season;  

NY Uptown Pink GirlSubtle peachy coral shade but it seems really orange when I swatched on my wrists but I love how the colour blends so well onto my lips giving a natural makeup look. 

Purple Sakura Season: Bright and bold pink shade that could bring out pop of colour for any makeup look! 

I'm wearing in the shade:  NY Uptown Pink Girl 

I'm wearing in the shade: Purple Sakura Season

Final Verdict; 
Overall, I love how the lip balm crayons is so pigmented that it doesn't need concealer to brighten it up. My favourite shade is NY Uptown Pink Girl, it's peach coral shade that screams my personality really well! :D Moreover, it has really smooth creamy texture that helps to glide the product easily onto my lips. It's also certainly really moisturizing but at the same time, it does not feel greasy and sticky on my lips. Oh yes, the scent of this lip balm crayon has a nice subtle berry scent and brings out the nostalgic feeling during primary school: and yes, it literally smell like scented beads that you used to keep on your pencil case!! (only 90's kid will get it, link to see

As for drawbacks, this lip balm crayon doesn't has long lasting power as it smudges pretty easy and it doesn't last for day, even for a meal but nevertheless, it would be better to bring the lip crayon along for reapplying. Another thing, I thought that this lip crayon was those twist-able lip crayon but unfortunately, it wasn't. Which means you need to sharpen the lip balm crayons with a sharpener. But don't worry, Miss Hana is selling their sharpener for lip balm crayons as well. :)

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayons are available in total of 5 shades

Details of the product; 
Price: RM39.90 RM29.90 
Weight: 4g
Availability: Natta Cosme 

Good News for all of you! 
With any purchase of Miss Hana lipbalm Crayon, you will received Miss Hana Sharpener for FREE
Don't forget to key in the code: MHSHARP

For more information, visit Natta Cosme for more updates; 


  1. hai dear..

    nice color and i'm love it the price?

    1. it's RM29.90 for one lip balm crayon, affordable compared other brands :)

  2. Been seeing reviews of this everywhere lately. XD I like the idea of these lip crayons but having to sharpen them really turns me off >_< Prefer the retractable type as they're less messy and less wastage. Love the colours and packaging though!

    1. ya, i agree with you but if the packaging is attractive enough to purchase haha

  3. Woww, Interesting! and have pretty color range as well..hehee..



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