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Thursday, August 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Let's detox with Tru-Dtox!

Hello lovelies! During Hari Raya season, I went to Penang for short 2 days getaway trip and I was stuffed with tons of delicious hawker foods and finally, I came back with bloated stomach and also constipation at the same time. You know when you're not feeling good on your tummy. So, I need DETOX FAST! Luckily, I was contacted by TruDtox to try out their product. :D

What's TruDtox? 
TruDtox is basically botanical tea blend that helps to detox your body gently. Formulated by Swiss nutraceutical company. Infused with 100% natural and organically-cultivated European herbs that are certified by Ministry of Health and does NOT contain harsh laxatives, such as Senna. There's no artificial colouring, bulking agents, pesticides and caffeine. Not only that, this brand has been multi award-winning detox tea since 2007 and been top consumer's choice, I guess this must be a good product. 

Benefits of Detoxification: 
Flush away toxins and waste
Promote regularity
Relieve digestive discomforts
Promote better absorption and nutrients 
Improve metabolism 
Strengthen immune system 
Promote health, vitality and energy 

How to consume it? 
Every packet comes with a little pouch of tea bags infused with herbs inside. Just brew the tea bag in a cup of hot water and let the tea bag soak in about 20-30 minutes. 

When it starts soaking, it gradually turns into a deep brown colour. Does it smell? Yes, it has a strong herb smell, with a slight hint of mint. Some people might find it too overpowering due to the smell but as for a person who drinks Chinese tea daily (my dad always brews a pot of tea after dinner), it's fine for me. 

My verdict 
It has been said that it will react bowel movement in about 8-10 hours after consumption, so it better for me to consume it during night before I sleep, so that I can directly head to the toilet during morning. So, better not drink this on the morning otherwise you will have embarrassment bowel movements when you're outside :P

First day; 
I can say it the worst stomachache in my life! Once I woke up from my bed, directly head to my bathroom and had bad diarrhea. Not only that, I went 2 toilet trips LOL :X However according to TruDtox, it said to be normal because first timers may experience stomach discomfort due to detoxification progress that it helps to cleanse the toxins out from the body. 

 Second day; 
Woke up from stomachache and head to the bathroom with diarrhea. However, it wasn't as painful from the first day. I was happy that my tummy was less bloated and had flat stomach even after eating my food :P 

Third day; 
Less painful than 2 days ago and had better bowel movements, but still it came out watery...gross lol Nevertheless, I wasn't feeling any bloated and I'm feeling more energetic and less lethargic that before. :)

I don't always consume daily but I usually consume this detox tea when I'm feeling bloated or having constipation.  

TruDtox suggested to consume only 2-3 times a week or as or when as needed

Each box of TruDtox has 15 packs (+ 2 free tea bags) or you can try the smaller box that comes with 5 packs of tea bags

15 +2 tea bags | RM88.50
5 tea bags | RM29.50 

Available at most pharmacies nationwide.  
You can purchase online at Hishop, Rakuten, Plincco and Lazada

For more information, visit TruDtox for more updates; 

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