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Friday, August 22, 2014

Raya Foodie Adventures: Penang Island | Part 1

Hello lovelies! If you've been following me on Instagram, you knew that I had a short getaway during Hari Raya. Yes, Penang. You must be wondering...AGAIN?? Yeap, again and again. I must say, this is my 5th trip to this island for 2014. Nevertheless, I wasn't bored or sick of it. Instead, I'm always looking forward to go there...FOODS! and also old-fashioned buildings, lol. 

However, I wanted to post about my trip with my cousin who flew from USA but I realized I don't have enough pictures to post but if I got time, I will do random posts. Since this blog post will be SUPER long, so I separate them into 2 parts = 2 days. So sit back and bring some popcorn to munch because it's packed with pictures. 8D

This whole entire family trip was decided by my dad who prefers going back to his roots. I always asked him why not go other places like Pulau Perhentian or go down Johor to Legoland. The only answer he told me was, "no, boring". Dad, oh dad. Just being secure with these places. Anyways, we woke up at 6am and head down to Penang in 3-4 hours straight and we reached the hotel nearby Macalister road. 

After checked in, we head out to "replenish" some nutmeg pickles at Chowrasta Market located in Georgetown. They had the freshest nutmeg pickles or any sort of fruit pickle that you want! My dad used to buy them when he was little. 

My favourite was always nutmeg pickle and when I little, I always munch them as a snack and it's SO GOOD. Some people might find it disgusting in terms of the taste due to nutmeg oil that we usually used for massages, stomachaches and headaches. lol

This is random but we knew that since it's Sunday, Armenian street is packed with people cycling around the streets and so we head down and we spotted a shop selling Tambun biscuits aka Tau Sar Peah in hokkien. I forgotten the name of the shop but maybe you can google to find out. 

We were along the Armenian street and we spotted few people cycling and look what I found...

Cat murals! This mural is called, "Love me like your fortune cat

Me and the giant rat is on a mouse mission! I'm pretty sure you've seen this on my instagram, while I cropped out my mum :P

Huge cat mural called, "Skippy comes to Penang"

Spotted some cat sculptures made out of threads...find it rather creepy :/

Told ya. Armenian street is packed with people, especially Sunday.

Especially this mural that everyone is lining up for. 

Look, a small little wooden shop! Can't resist to snap a picture of it 

Entered this little shop that sells souvenirs, vintage goods and more souvenirs 

Lace and birdcages as lantern, #roomsinspiration lol

Hai it's mua. 

Along Armenian Street, spotted new murals. 

Taken by my dad. I told him, "not bad dad!" He replied confidently, "of course" LOL

Random shop that sells miniature decorations. 

Pass by a bicycle shop and I spotted these above their shop...creepy doll on a bicycle?

The weather started to get scorching hot and we decided to stop by and by some popsicle in childhood style! I used to eat this after school. :D

Pretend taking candid shot #1 

Another mural in front of a biscuit shop, never felt so awkward taking infront of people. lol 

Later we drove further down to Penang jetty where you can see cruise ship around that area. 

Pretend taking candid #2 

Awkward smile from my brother lol

Pretend to feel the breeze but actually taking a picture #3

While on the car, I took some pictures of buildings that I find rather unique..o.o
Shop lot houses? I felt like I'm transported into the 19 century.

Campbell House is a boutique hotel which is located at Georgetown's Chinatown area and it looks pretty luxury from outside.  

Tho Yuen Restaurant since the 70's and it's famous for Hainanese chicken rice and dim sum. My dad used to eat there when my great grandmother brought him to eat dim sum when he was little. Will do food review next time.

Went along to Love Lane, and look around the streets. It's nothing particular but it's just the name that is so interesting. 

 Not sure why but I'm also mesmerized by the traditional heritage shop lots

 Do you know what's the story behind Love Lane
Some said Love Lane or ai cheng hang ( some Hokkien called it) and it was belief that this street was used to be brothels for sailors and soldiers during the 19th Century and the name was named after a British soldier. Another belief that some local Chinese rich man who kept their mistresses by the adjacent road called Muntri Street.

Our stomachs are growling and we head down hawker store at Padang Brown (previously known as Padang Dato Keramat) where it's just beside football field. My dad used to play football with his friends when he was in secondary school, feeling nostalgic while eating lol
 We order a few dishes of asam laksa and a few sticks of lok lok with cincau and cocoa drink, not milo but literally cocoa! :D yums!

Asam Laksa dish was okay but not too bad. I prefer my asam laksa with clean broth. 

As for lok lok, everything in sticks. Yes, the sauce is so good. It has a consistency of peanut satay sauce with a combination of curry. Delicious! 

The lok lok stall has a bicycle attached to it and you can simply take the sticks and boil your stick on hot pot and once it's cooked, you can eat it with the sauce. When you're done, just pay according to your colour-coded sticks! It's pretty cheap too! 

Had Char Kuey Teow before we left hawker store and the noodle has thicker black sauce so, it was okay but it's still better than KL lol

We headed back to hotel to have a rest before New Lane at Macalister street comes to life. Before this place gets packed, we head down about 7.30pm to nab our seats and we ordered a few dishes for our dinner. 

First dish came up on our table was Lor Bak, Penang's delicacy. It is deep fried minced pork with five spices and rolled with soybean sheets and also served with some fried tofu. 

Penang White Curry is in the must-eat list when comes to New Lane at Macalister road. I've not eaten white curry before so it was my first time eating it since eating those instant noodle version. lol
I cannot expressed how good is this dish was but it's spicy and has nice clean broth along with tofu, pork blood cubes and little prawns. SO GOOD.

Prawn Mee (Har Mee) was really good too. Spicy and tons of prawn goodness.

Hainanese satay was delicious, tender and moist and in fact, it was richly marinated and grilled with charcoal meat. We ordered satay that is made from pork.

My absolute favourite dish is Fried Oyster. Gosh, the oyster is so juicy that it burst into your mouth. I'm drooling while typing this. Fried oysters with egg and starch = perfection. 

Most of the dishes were so good that I don't know which dish to start. I'm hungry now...

Finally, char kuey teow with shredded crab toppings. Fragrant, savory and has lighter black sauce along with the noodles. Best char kuey teow I've ever eaten! I know I sound exaggerating but trust me, it's so good that you want more. Also, there were a long queue on the char kuey teow stall!

Hawker stores at New Lane during night is filled with hungry customers ;p
Operating hours from 7.30am till 12am (so you can eat all night long!) 

Penang Times Square was just 5 minutes walking distance from New Lane, so we had a walk after our dinner and oh boy, I was surprised that Penang Times Square was rather quiet and most shops are not opened, just a few. Maybe it's Raya?

That's the end of our Day 1 in Penang and stay tuned for my Part 2 of my foodie adventures in Penang! 



  1. I love your loose cardigan! :D Where did you get it from?

    1. From Cotton On! :) but it's not cheap tho ><

  2. Reading your post at this time makes me feel hungry. Hahaha, btw. you and your mom like sister! =D

    1. I'm feeling hungry too! :P my mum is flattered when people complimented her xD

  3. i have same pant with ur mum leh..frm H&M one..ur pant aso from H&M right?

    1. yup! haha, it's cheap and pretty mah :P

  4. Gosh, i didn't know that people actually lined up to take pictures with the murals. HAHA,



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