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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Get bouncy baby skin with Bella Skin's Indiba Stemcell System!

Hello lovelies! Recently, I've been introduced by Bella Skin to attend their launching event at Grand Hyatt on their latest treatment called, "Indiba Stemcell System". Honestly, I have no clue what's this treatment is all about until I went to the launching event. 

Product Specialist and Director - Ms.Alice introduce the new treatment to audience

What is INDIBA Stemcell System? 
INDIBA Stemcell System which is also known as "Pro-ionic System" has been used as medical devices and beauty equipment to enhance the beauty; replenishes cell and boost the collagen from your skin. This exclusive technology has garnered acclaim for performance from more than 150 clinical papers and medical research studies in 30 years of developing and researching. 

This is the unique machine technology that helps to do the job

There are 3 steps that INDIBA Stemcell System helps to a collagen-rich bouncy baby skin

  1. BOOST : Powerful booster for instant results as it is new and improved stemcell booster that ranges between 6-10 times stronger for quicker cell life recovery depending on individual 
  2. REPAIR : This therapy is designed to maximize the skin cell to increase tissue metabolism 
  3. REVERSE : Reversal to a bouncy collagen-filled skin that you will feel face lifting and bouncy skin instantly! 

What's the benefits of INDIBA Stemcell System?
You will look younger and feeling healthier as this treatment helps to improve the blood circulation of oxygen flow within the tissues and moreover, it helps to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin as these 2 are the main proteins of the skin. There will be vast improvement of skin elasticity, moisture, smoothness and regeneration. In the body, with microcirculation re-established and improvement in oxygen flow, the deep fat cells quickly lose volume, the waste products and toxins are eliminated and liquid retention (oedema, haematoma and lymphatic drainage) is reduced. That's how you will the V-shape that you want! 

How does INDIBA Stemcell System works? 

During the event, there's a live demo of INDIBA Stemcell System by Bella Skin Senior Trainer and what the treatement does is the 'Proionic system' has radio-frequency which safely and gradually increases temperature at selected areas within the body. This therapy works at a specific frequency which enables the correct movement of the ions through the cell membrane. 

This is the after treatment and I could see improvements on her face! 

I don't have exact picture of Before and After but here's what I got from their slides; as you can see the model's face has high pigmentation and it has reduced quite some amount (wasn't as dark as before) and her face has firmed and lifted and I could a bit of V-lifting effect on her face! :)

Products they used on the process of doing INDIBA treament

Guests trying out the Indiba treatment 

To witness myself if this treatment works, I was invited to experience their treatment and I booked my appointment and headed to Bella Skin at Midvalley branch. 

As soon I walked in, I was greeted by Bella Skin's receptionist and she briefly asked me few simple questions about my skin condition and also my skincare routine. 

Later, she brought me into a consultation room as I will be doing skin analysis to know what's more under my skin and yeap, that high tech machine helps to detect my skin problems. 

Here's my result and oh gosh, she told me about my skin is lacking of moisture as it's kinda dry and followed by having low sebum, large pores, minor pigmentation and also, low elasticity >M< cause I should have better elasticity in this young age and I probably guess due to late sleep :/ 

After consultation, the consultant briefly explained what will happen during the treatment and also, introduced me one of their skin therapist as she will be in charge of doing the treatment and I was sent into the room get changed to their robes before starting the treatment. 

My process experience during the treatment; 
The treatment began with laying back on cool metal plate that is so icy cold that I need some time to slowly lay onto it, while my therapist began to massage my lymphatic nodes and points on my neck and shoulder. The massage helps to wake up lymphatic nodes and as it awake, my body and mind is relaxed and continuing the next stage by applying a cool cream on my neck and using Indiba machine to methodically massaged in circular motions. As she was massaging, she asked me to rate my heat-ness level from 1- 10 and mostly I said 7-8 (which is hot but bearable, the treatment works if the machine is hot enough). FYI, the machine has thermal and hyperthermal as it helps biostimulation, mircostimulation and hyperactivation as it heats up to regenerate more collagen and tissues. Moreoever, the sensation is pretty unusual for me because it a bit ticklish and certain times, it tingling but it's still relaxing. She continues repeating the same steps from neck to chin and followed by facial area and finally eye area. I think I fell asleep while my therapist doing the treatment lols! Overall, the experience was pretty good. 

Here's my before and after result 
The before picture was taken few days ago but I could see some improvements on my face as it totally brightens my face and my face was more bouncier and has better elasticity and also, I could see my side chin has a bit lifted and overall, I'm already impressed with just one session treatment! 

The therapist said this treatment is recommended to do this treatment once every 2-3 weeks to get the best results for your skin! :)

If you're interested to try out this treatment, Bella Skin is having on-going promotion!
You can start this treatment with RM699 + and you can instantly get v-shaped face result! 
Click here to get the promo! 

You can visit Bella Skin outlets near you; 
Bangsar Village | The Intermark, KL| Mid Valley | Damansara Utama
Subang | Penang | Ipoh | Johor Bahru | Kuching 

Contact them: 1-800-22-7333

For more information, visit Bella Malaysia for more; 

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