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Monday, July 21, 2014

Tokyo Luxey's First Meet Up in Malaysia

Hello lovelies! I was invited by Tokyo Luxey (all the way from Japan!) to join meet up located at Acme Cafe and I was quite clueless on what's Tokyo Luxey is all about while I was excited to know more about it. :D So, I decided to join with the other beauty bloggers to find out what's all about it. :)

When comes to Japanese makeup and fashion, I'm always crazy with it and was amazed with Japanese culture and most of my fashion inspirations were influenced by Japanese fashion industry from reading Japanese fashion magazines like Vivi and Mina since I was in secondary school. Of course, not to forget Japanese manga and anime that used to love during my younger days. Yes, there's always a little bit of Japanese in a part of my life. (eventho I'm not Japanese and I've never been to Japan)

We were greeted by Chie-san and Hiromi-san who just arrived Kuala Lumpur about 10am from their delayed flight from Singapore. 

Tokyo Luxey is pretty popular in Japan and Singapore and now they are expanding to other regions of Asia & fyi, this is Tokyo Luxey's first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they came here to introduced Tokyo Luxey to us! 

Tokyo Luxey is beauty community where all beauty bloggers / social medias shares about Japanese cosmetic and skincare. If you have the passion of sharing out beauty and lifestyle just like me, Tokyo Luxey want you to be part of their affiliate program where you can obtain benefits and experiences from them! 
Be part of Tokyo Luxey - Sign up here

Lately, Tokyo Luxey have their very own luxe makeover series where they asked random girl on the streets in Singapore and they give them a makeover from famous Japanese makeup artist! The TV show features Japanese makeup techniques demonstrated by Nobuto Yanagi, a popular hair and makeup artist from Tokyo. 
It's basically like a makeover of series where they transform girls from zero to hero! :D 
This reality TV series reminds me of Jay Maunel's Style Her Famous TV show & it's been airing over Asia in Star World Asia!

During the gathering, Chie Maeda, managing director of Tokyo Luxey came all the way here to give us a little brief while she introduced Tokyo Luxey's Limited Edition gift box and she allow us to test out the products on our hands. :)

Tokyo Luxey's Limited Edition box was collaborated with Star World Asia to create this gift beauty box where all of the products are featured on their reality TV show, "Tokyo Luxey, A luxe makeover TV series." So basically you get to try those Japanese cosmetic and skincare, exclusively! Total box is worth 265USD and you're paying for only 32USD!
You can purchase at here 

Here's what's inside the Tokyo Luxey's gift box; 
Evangelist BB cream, organic makeup cleansing oil and moisturizer, foundation powder, mineral powder, mascara, eyeliner and lashes. 

I know the only thing you recognize is Lash Concierge eye lash right? Don't worry, I will make a full review on their beauty box :)

Let's proceed the post with yummy food :P
Esther's ice-cream brownie 

Chie-san's dessert (forgot what is it called)

My healthy breakfast salad, it's so simple and delicious with gooey poached egg :D

With Chie-san and Hiromi-san and Carolyn :)

Thank you Chie-san and Hiromi-san for the great meet up and looking forward for more Tokyo Luxey activities in the future! 

For more information, visit Tokyo Luxey for more updates; 

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