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Thursday, July 17, 2014

[REVIEW] Maybelline White Superfresh SPF34 PA+++

Hello lovelies! My Maybelline White Superfresh review is finally here! :D Probably you knew by now that this foundation powder is already on most pharmacies and I believe I don't need any introduction as you know about this product. If you're new here, here's the link about the product. 

Let's break down to my review in category! 

Maybelline's new White Superfresh packaging is pretty clean and simple by keeping things all white, just with their brand name embossed onto the surface. It's classy and simplicity is always the best. :)

The foundation is pretty compact as they have their standard mirror (pretty large), 
including their sponge and foundation powder. The shade I got was in 03 Natural and I was pretty worried that the shade might be too light for my skin tone as I have yellow skin undertone and also a little bit of tanned skin. 

Upon application, I applied it using sponge to test out how much the product could apply onto my skin. However, the sponge was pretty standard, nothing fancy but it still works. Coverage wise, it was pretty decent as it covers some of my imperfections but it doesn't cover up much on my dark circles as compared to my regular foundation powder. Since it mentioned, White Superfresh and face is pretty white lolll  

Since it claims that it lasts about 12 hours and I tired to give a test, and here's my 9 am face with this foundation. It was 10 minutes after applying it. The finish was pretty matte and natural looking, I kinda like it :D 
I think this shade might be too fair for my skin tone and I think a darker shade might suit my skin tone, but nevertheless, it's alright. 

So that day itself I went out for beauty events as usual and I do sweat a bit but most of time, I was on air-conditioned places and the durability was okay that I don't need to reapply my foundation. 

Oh yes, here's my 6 pm look. 
It's still stays pretty good after a few hours out of the sun. My face was surprising not oily and the foundation still stays my skin looks really fresh. I don't have super oily skin and maybe it works well for me. 

Here's a close up on my skin, without any skin smooth filters. 

Overall, I think it's a great product for people who are lazy to reapply foundation powder and the staying power is not bad as it stays pretty good onto my skin after few hours out of the sun. However, it depends on your skin type. I like how has matte finish and instantly brightens up my skin, looking fresh and natural looking. 

Details about the product; 
Price: RM23.90 (full product); refills: RM11.90
Weight: 9g 
Availability: Most pharmacies nationwide 

For more information; visit Maybelline Malaysia for more: 



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