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Sunday, July 6, 2014

[REVIEW] Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

Hello lovelies! Remember the previous event that I've attended from "The Little Black Bottle" event? So, Lancôme sent me a bottle of Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate to do a complete review and they prove that this product can see obvious result in just 7 days! I was quite skeptic about it because usually skincare shows results within 2 weeks, but you never try you never know, right? 
I knew this product since my mum was a previous user of Lancôme. Lancôme is back with more powerful with added an innovative formula of biotechnology-derived ingredient and is believed to act on 10 important signs of youth including firmness, texture, resiliency, radiance and elasticity, to name a few. There's other active ingredients include Ascorbyl Glucoside, thought to prevent free radicals from forming on account of ultraviolet skin irradiation; and Faex Extract that helps reduce skin blemishes.

Let's start with the packaging, it's beautifully packaged luxuriously with smokey black glass bottle and it's classic with no changes in terms of design compared with the previous Lancôme Génifique bottle. 

However, my mum was previous user of Lancôme Génifique and she always complained that the bottle leaked easily and it's not travel friendly. Fortunately, as for the new Lancôme Advanced Génifique, it's definitely more user friendly as it has "auto-lock" once you closed the lid which will helps to avoid from leaking out. I was totally impressed by that. :)

As for the Lancôme Advanced Génifique has an exclusive pipette (known as droplet). By twisting the pipette, it automatically charges correct dose of 0.4ml (which you exact amount that you use for each application), moreover clicking the push button on top applies the formula to the required area of the skin. The auto-loading dropper and it's collar are snapped directly onto the bottle on the filling line. It's definitely provides the consistent amount for each use, and it's easy to use and also, reduce wastage. 

As for texture, it's a water-based serum which are lightweight, definitely not oily at all, has a water-gel texture and it absorbs easily onto my skin. Most of all, it's definitely suitable for all skin types. Whilst it's lightly fragranced, it's pretty subtle without being overpowering as it does not agitate with sensitive skin.  

As for application wise, little amount of serum is enough to cover the whole face as tiny goes a long way and every time I applied the serum onto my face, it gives out a luminous finish onto my skin - looking fresh and having healthy glow. This serum is pretty easy to incorporate with other skincare products, I usually apply this product right after cleansing and toning and follow through my daily moisturizer. The serum instantly absorbs onto my skin without leaving a sticky residue. Apart of fast absorbing, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, softer, smoother and moisturized after every application. 

Final result: 
Within that 7 days of using this serum, I can definitely see obvious results onto my skin and it's more hydrated and moisturized that ever before and it also improves my skin surface. My pores on my forehead and cheek area has appear smaller and doesn't give me any breakouts so far. Asides from that, my dark spots on the side of face has appear lighter than before, I probably guess due to my dull skin it helps to correct my uneven skin tone. Even though I don't any signs of fine lines and wrinkles yet, but it does helps to brighten my complexion and this would be a my prevention for anti-aging (i'm already in my twenties!). I've to admit that the price is pretty pricey but if you find out that this serum does helps your skin, it is certainly a best investment for skincare. 

My little advice on finding the perfect skincare:
There's always trial and error approach when comes finding the perfect skincare product, instead take some time to find out more on the products, speak to your skin specialist on your skin condition and read more product reviews online to make sure you're not wasting your money. :)

Price: RM275 / RM360 / RM485
Weight: 30ml / 50ml / 75ml 
Application: Day and Night 
Availability: Any Lancôme counter stores nationwide (view here)

For more information, visit Lancôme Malaysia for more updates; 

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