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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let's get pom-pom pretty! w/ Benefit Cosmetics & José Rivera

Hello lovelies! What's not to love about Benefit? It's famous for its quirky product name and also, their vintage-esque packaging. So, last week I was invited to attend Benefit launch but this is not a usual event, there's a special guest flown all the way from the States. 

He is no stranger to the cosmetics industry but if you don't know him, his name is José Rivera and he has been in the industry for more than 15 years and not only he is a Benefit Makeup Master, he's also the creator of the Sephora PRO Beauty Team, along with his team of 14 skilled makeup artists across North America. Not only that, he was served as Lead Artistic for 12 seasons of New York Fashion Week. 

If you've been following on Benefit Cosmetics on Youtube, you might seen him on Benefit's videos. 

During the launch, José Rivera wasn't only doing makeup demos for the event but also, launching Benefit's 2 new beauty product that will be coming out on August and September (during the fall) 

First up, Benefit's skincare is coming out and adding on their latest serum, "Instant Comeback Age-Defying Booster Serum" and what it does is - instantly boots youthful look of skin and it has fast-absorbing with tri-radiance complex that helps protect against visible signs of aging. This serum helps tired skin looks plumped and hydrated and feels firmer, smoother, energized

Price: RM185 (Available in August 2014)

Another product would be Benefit's beauty product, "Majorette", a cream-to-powder booster blush that amplify your natural flush and gives your cheek an instant "cheer up"! You can use on its own or you can wear it under your favourite Box O'Powder for extra prep & staying power. Best part: it has pom-pom peach and pomegranate scent! no kid! :D
FYI, Majorette literally means a person doing choreographed dance or movement, primarily baton twirling associated with marching bands during parades. That explains the packaging. 

The packaging is so adorable and reminds me of macaroons, middle is the filling...geddit? 

 Price: RM115 (Available in September 2014)

José Rivera's makeup demo was titled 'achieving lit-from-within skin' where he explained his makeup will be natural and it will look like the skin glows from inside. José Rivera's basic 3 steps for this makeup is "prep, prime, perfect". 

José Rivera first step was to prep the skin by spraying Ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist and as the model has a little bit of makeup, José use a cotton to lightly dab onto her skin to soften her makeup foundation and also wet the mascara wand with the mist spray and apply the mascara on the existing mascara on her lashes. This could help her to soften her existing mascara. 

Next, Using Benefit's moisture prep toning lotion mixing with high beam were able to create the luminous skin and that's where your skin will glow. 

By using a brush to applying on top of the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin where the lights hits. José mentioned, "the more you prep, the less foundation you need for your skin" and I do agree with him. If you don't prep, you will have cakey foundation and it may cause clogged pores and oily surface. D: So, prep is crucial. 

Second step, Prime. José picked up Porefessional and Girl Meets Pearl - put the product on your hands and gently rub it to feel the texture. Too slippery? Take it off as we need the right tacky texture. Then, just apply them using your hands. 

Before foundation, he used Benefit's Stay Don't Stray concealer to conceal dark circles and other imperfections. 

Finally to perfect the skin, José used Hello Flawless foundation with a pump of Instant Comeback Serum which would provide hydrated skin. José was using foundation brush for the demo but he did explained that using any tools are depends on what look you're going for.If you're going for natural look; use fingers or sponge or if you're going for a dramatic look use flat brush! 
José's pro tip: while applying foundation with brush, do focus your foundation on where the light would want to reflect on your face. Don't apply too much otherwise, you will have white cast on your face, especially being photo taken. 

Blush time! Want to know where is the exact place to apply blush? Use 2 fingers and placed them next to your nose and that's where you need to apply. Since Majorette has a cream-to-powder texture like Porefessional, spray some Benefit's mist on your brush bristle. This could help to soften the bristles and also allow the product to hold onto the skin better.  

Using the brush, there's a little technique. There's 3 levels you need to brush across the cheek- hard, medium and light strokes. Those strokes are able to spread the colour over your cheeks with natural finish. 

See how the brush strokes onto the cheeks?

Since Majorette can be applied over and under the powder brush, José used Hervana blush for more natural pink flush and before applying the brush, he sprinkled some Agent Zero Shine and swirled together with blush brush and tap the excess the powder. 

Not only Hervana can be used with Agent Zero Shine, also Sugarbomb and Hoola blush works as well! 

Apply the blush like usual as the powder will hold on and Majorette will absorb the powder and sets the makeup. For the remain powder, swipe roughly some parts of the face to set the makeup. 

As for lips, José chose Lollitint and swipe across the lips. The tint will help to stay longer, even drinking or eating! 

Need some brows work, for natural look just use Gimme Brow along with Stay Don't Stay (allows to stay longer) and apply them against the hair. Either you can just use Brow Zings as it has powder and the wax in one! 

To create a cat eye look, José used Benefit's latest 'they're real push-up liner' and here's José tip on where to line them, using the liner and gauge where your liner is - diagonally from the top of the nose.  

Mark where point is and start lining in the middle of the eye (above lashes) and slowly flick out and draw another one on outer corner of the eye. Finally, fill the gap. 

To complete the whole look, José finishes with some gloss with Bella Bamba on her lips. The gloss is a sheer bright coral that give her look with a pop of colour. 

Here's the model's complete look
Her makeup is so natural, it literally doesn't look like she takes any effort on her makeup.  

José Rivera and Malaysia Benefit Team

Finally, a picture of José Rivera and yours truly.

To wrap it up, here's a funny and being goofy picture of us! :P

I've learned so much from José makeup demo with his makeup tips and tricks on achieving a luminous and natural makeup. Learning makeup techniques from a professional makeup master who has done several celebrities like Ashanti, Amanda Bynes and even Steven Tyler, is really an eye-opening experience. I'm definitely gonna try out his makeup techniques for my makeup routine. :)

Do check out those 2 new beauty products when it's available! :D

For more information, visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia for more updates; 

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