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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Introducing Shu Uemura's NEW TSUYA skincare and Lightbulb Oleo-Pact foundation

Hello lovelies! Mr. Shu Uemura once said, "beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin." I do agree with his statement because our skin effects what we put on our skin. Shu Uemura has revealed their new addition of its TSUYA skincare series. TSUYA skin basically means 'ideal skin' in Japanese.  

After years of observations and experiences, Shu Uemura makeup-artists discovered 2 core qualities, skin 'touch' and 'look' in examining skin to create the perfect makeup finish. Moreover, they believe that cosmetic water is the answer to bring a fresh, water-filled touch to skin and a pure, transparent look to the skin for a perfect make-up finish. That is how NEW TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion is born. This lotion are able to create the 'ideal skin' texture - supple with petal soft, dewy touch and a healthy glow.
The NEW TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion comes in 3 types according to skin types; 
I - Fresh watery for oily skin
II - Watery for normal to dry skin
III - Rich jelly for dry to very dry skin

Shu Uemura researchers discovered the secret of CP Complex*1 (Yeast Extract + Rhamnose) helps to boost the self-cleaning mechanism for ideal youthful skin. CP Complex supports the discharge and decomposition of accumulated impurities.
What are the benefits of TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion?
It's clinically proven that this lotion provides smoother skin, tighten pores, more refined skin texture, more even toned complexion, reduce skin yellowness and improves skin transparency as skin is more luminous and more transparent.  

During the event, we get to try out the TSUYA lotion and we can see major differences with just a swipe with the cotton. However, the cotton pad they're using is not just a normal cotton pad. 

Yes, TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion has companion. It's called Silk supreme crystallizer and each piece of lotion pad has dual sides with different surface texture. The rough side was made in 100% silk and it's purpose for polish the skin to gently purify smooth skin while the other side is made of 100% pure cotton for patting onto the skin for hydration, refresh and cool the skin. Providing extraordinary smoothness while delivering moisture and suppleness to the skin for better foundation fit
A test result of 30 women said 83% of good foundation finish, 87% of moisturized skin and 90% feel smoother skin. It's recommended to use once daily, however, the lotion could be use twice a day. 

While introducing their TSUYA skincare series, they flashed back their Lightbulb fluid foundation in 2013 where it quickly became an icon of Shu Uemura of creating a beautiful 'glowing skin canvas'. Following in 2014, they revealed Shu Uemura's NEW lightbulb oleo-technology which has its unique packaging of 'the lightbulb'-shaped sponges which was inspired by rich experience and makeup expertise of makeup artists and the tapping motion of traditional Japanese kabuki brushes.

This spring, the Lightbulb UV compact saw the lightbulb family join forces in the powder foundation category. Formulated with the Lightbulb™ oleo-technology for glow and coverage and the Lightbulb™ pearl, together with an original double-sided polishing sponge, the Lightbulb UV compact empowers you to polish up your glow for a flawless complexion without a powdery look.

Therefore for this autumn, Shu Uemura will launch the Lightbulb oleo-pact, no water added cream foundation. Glow and coverage remain at the heart of this formulation, and with new jellified oil complex, together with an original dome-shaped sponge, the Lightbulb oleo-pact creates a dewy satin glow and streak-free finish for a fresh complexion that lasts longer.

Interestingly, Shu Uemura discovered that a women’s daily emotional curve peaks after applying make-up in the morning; emotions shifted into negative territory right after lunch, as skin appears dull, greasy and often shiny, even tired, and become heavy and dry by night. Therefore, Shu uemura discovered that anti-dullness, lightness and skin that did not feel dry were the secrets to creating positive emotions in women.
The Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation comes in a cream compact version formulated with conditioning oils and it has SPF 25 PA+++ and comes along with dome-shaped sponge which helps to melt the foundation into the skin to create a veil of stain glow. Yet, this foundation are able to cover imperfections and it lasts for 12 hours without looking dull and also 6 hours of moisture with lightweight feeling.  
Available in 16 shades 
The dome-shaped sponge are thick at the peak (10mm) and thin at the edge(3mm), this unique shape designed by shu uemura Atelier team effortlessly creates a thin and streak-free finish.

Shu Uemura Elite Artist's Lisa Yap demonstrated on how to use TSUYA skincare and also, The Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation

Firstly, using TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion gently pour in the lotion onto the silk supreme crystallizer lotion pad and using 2 step technique - polishing and patting onto the skin. 

Later applied TSUYA skin youthful radiance generator evenly onto the skin and this essence helps to minimize pores, smooth touch, evenly toned, refined texture, radiant and translucent. Also, this serum helps to give an instant glowing texture for enhancing makeup. 

Following by TSUYA skin youth infusing eye concentrate, and gently applied all over the eyes and across the lid. This eye concentrate not only targets the traditional signs of aging but also delivers the impression of bigger eyes and lifted lashes for stunning eyes and instant eye shadow payoff effects.

Continue by using TSUYA skin UV under base mousse radiance and applied all over the face. This base mousse is for the base makeup that provide skin with a lasting make-up finish with a hydrated, youthful glow that lasts for 24 hours of moisture. In a simple make-up step, TSUYA skin UV under base allows you to switch the light on your skin for a complexion that appears fresh and beautiful.

Finally with the new Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation, use shu uemura’s ‘stroke and glow’ tried and tested method for a thin, but glowing, effect on skin. By stroke the sponge and apply the foundation. Then, following by eyebrow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lip gloss and the makeup is done! 

Here's the final result on the model.
The model's face is illuminating and glowing naturally from her skin. Her face looks fresh and radiant and I was impressed! 

To know if it really works for my skin, I decided to try it out myself by starting to remove all my makeup and start from the bottom - using TSUYA skincare till applying the Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation. 

Here's my comparison view of using my usual makeup and after using TSUYA skincare and also the Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation. I was surprised to see the major difference as my skin is fresh and glowing. Moreover, I love the lightweight feeling on my skin as if I'm not using any makeup and also, it's so hydrating that looks like drank lots of water! :D

PS: I did not use any skin smoothing filter on both pictures.  
The makeup artist did NOT use any highlighters to achieve the glowing effect, only using TSUYA skincare & the lightbulb oleo-pact foundation! O.O 

Thank you Deanne for doing my makeup and also, with the help of Lisa Yap! :)

Group photo with Shu Uemura team 

Details about the products; 
TSUYA skin youthful crystal-transparency lotion - RM160 / 150ml
Silk Supreme Crystallizer - RM30 / 45 pads
TSUYA skin youthful radiance generator RM245 / 30ml & RM428 / 75ml
TSUYA skin eye concentrate - RM160 / 15ml
TSUYA skin UV underbase mousse - RM135 / 65g
The Lightbulb oleo-pact foundation - RM160 / 10g

All products will be available in September 2014

For more information, visit Shu Uemura Malaysia for more updates; 


  1. Shu Uemura's is a good product. I am lover of this product. I am using this beauty product. I am sure the who are ready to became more beautiful she must try to us this products. Hope that form this products you will get the good feedback.

  2. Shu Uemura's is a good product. I am lover of this product. I am using this beauty product. I am sure the who are ready to became more beautiful she must try to us this products. Hope that form this products you will get the good feedback.



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