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Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing 75 Artisan brushes from MAKE UP FOR EVER @ Sephora, Starhill Gallery

Hello lovelies! This week, I was invited from MUFE (Make Up For Ever) to attend their workshop event at MUFE Pro Boutique Sephora, Starhill Gallery (it's on the second floor) as they had just launched 75 Artisan brushes and those brushes are amazingly in good quality! 
Started event with MUFE Brand Manager, Stanley Wong and he share brief introduction about MUFE and Artisan brushes 

Layout display on the new 75 Artisan brushes 

Back story, these brushes are created by Dany Sanz who's a Creator and Artistic Director where he brought back his roots of being a painter and sculptor to inspire these 75 Artisan brush collection with a motive to bring out women's necessity of being able to create a beautiful art on their faces by using a brush, the most important tool for painter's arsenal. Oh, these brushes are 100% made with high quality engineered fibers and also, zero animal cruelty

Later proceeded with Eunice, who's one of MUFE makeup coach and explain about the uses for each brushes. 

I know most of us (including me) might preferably use fingers rather than brushes because it's fast convenient especially when we were on a rush and here's why Dany Sanz think you should USE BRUSHES, rather than fingers

  1. Precision - Unlike fingers, brushes can distribute products on your face more evenly. 
  2. Coverage - With brushes, you can control the amount of product and build on as and where more coverage is needed. What do you say about less is more? 
  3. Buff & Blend - With the help of brushes, you can achieve smoother and natural long lasting look. 
  4. Save time & Money - Using fingers waste more products because you are swiping your makeup away and with brushes would be more easier to blend textures without a big mess. 

Of course there's tons of brushes out there in the market and sometimes we don't know which has the best quality and here's MUFE's benefits of their Artisan brushes; 
  1. 75 Customized Creations By Dany & Make-Up Artists - They comes in 75 assorted shape and sizes; it's either tapered, trapeze, square, fan, flared, round, pointy or angled. 
  2. Premium craftsmanship - Exclusively hand-made by quality specialists and had done 50 quality checks before released to sold internationally. Talk about unique and exclusive! 
  3. 100% Engineered Fibers for skin comfort - Each brushes are sculpted and positioned with great care and ensure it's soft and performance of each bristle is maintained. 
  4. Ultra-Resistant & Humidity-Proof - Made from brass base with 3 top coating of nickel with gun metal lacquer and transparent protection varnish. The gun metal fermule is highly resistant to collision and able to withstand humanity which can last forever. 
  5. Environmentally friendly with Eco-Certified Wood - Certified with Forest Scholarship council that they use the finest high quality wood with the most resistant. 
  6. A unique 2-in-1 accessory - MUFE's brushes has a beveled tip on the bottom that is designed to collect, mix and adjust makeup textures! It's exactly like what a painter always do! 

Each brushes are so soft like a teddy bear's fur :3

There's 3 types of bristles on Artisan brushes; Straight, Wavy & Straight + Wavy
Each of the bristles has different textures on them;

Straight: has generous and precise application 
Wavy: lighter and freer application
Straight + Wavy: combination of both

Here's some of the brushes that I've jumbled up but I don't think it's all 75 brushes of them but at least have a glimpse of how the brushes look on above. :P

Each brushes has printed number code and what type of bristle brush and each first number are indicated for what face area should be using: 

Every number starts with; 

  1. 1xx - for foundation / face 
  2. 2xx - for eyes 
  3. 3xx - for lips 
  4. 4xx - for artistic and pro makeup purposes such as body painting

During the workshop, MUFE staff asked us to remove our makeup to test out the differences with using brushes and fingers. 

Along the way, Eunice started to demonstrate by dividing each half of the face: fingers vs. brushes and to show the difference with both application while we doing the same demo at the same time. 

Here's the result; as you can see on the picture, it's pretty obvious that using brushes are more natural and smooth on the model's foundation and not to mention, her eyes are pigmented comparing with her right side of her face. Oh, and her lips too - more intense and precise in colour. 

Now it's my turn to try out the brushes! 

Here's my difference with an exception of putting on better concealer as I asked one of the makeup artist, Joyce to let me try out their best seller camouflage concealer palette. :) Anyways, it's pretty obvious right?

Here's some of the MUFE products I used on my face; 
That colourful palette that I'm talking about. Yeap, that's the 5 camouflage cream palette. It's really good for covering my dark circles and finally I decided to buy it! :D 

Since this is my first visit at MUFE Pro Boutique, here's some pictures that I took; 

Aqua Rouge Collection - the colours were amazing! 

Brush Bar, wait for it....

Freaking 75 brushes layout! :D

Joyce was the one helping me along the way during the workshop and had teach me how to apply the camouflage concealer and also introduce some of the makeup products and she's super friendly!:D

Oh, did I tell you she has amazing skin? It's true! 

My complete look with using Aqua liner in diamond turquoise blue, lovin' it! 

Here's all the total of 75 Artisan brushes; 

Price: From RM37 - RM235
Availability: Sephora KLCC, Sephora Starhill, Sephora Paradigm, Sephora Sunway Pyramid, Sephora Gurney Paragon, Sephora NU Sentral, Sephora Queensbay Mall and Penang Gurney Plaza (directions here)

For more information, visit Make Up For Ever Malaysia for more updates; 

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  1. great post! been hearing a lot of their makeup brushes.. and i love your eye makeup with the blue liner on your waterline, it really suits you! xx

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