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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[HAUL] What I've brought with 1 Malaysia book vouchers

Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday! Just being random of what I had spend with my RM250 1 Malaysia book voucher hahaa! AND YES, I brought these books right after they had banned to purchase stationary. T-T BUY PEN ALSO CANNOT AR? HOW TO WRITE? LOLOL 

Anyways, this would be my last RM250 (i guess) cause I'm currently in my final year of degree and since, I can't purchase any stationary; I decided to purchase some novels that I've been listed on my book wishlist! Everything I purchased are from Kinokuniya, I just love that bookstore (Plus point: Japanese fashion magazines!) 

I'm not really a person who really into books until one day I found my love with books, out of nowhere and my very first book is....Twilight. Yes, I know super cliché and cheesy but that's how my love with books happen. Well, my very first book I meant was the novel that I read ENTIRELY TILL THE END. I don't know why but I used to read my novels halfway and never read it again, I guess it's boring (?)

Total of 7 novels : 
Let It Snow | John Green 
Paper Towns | John Green 
An Abundance of Katherines | John Green 
To all the boys I've loved before | Jenny Han 
Fire with Fire | Jenny Han & Siohan Vivian
Eleanor & Park | Rainbow Rowell 
Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore | Robin Sloan

Yes, most of the books are from John Green. I was hooked by his style of writing and his story is so captivating that I wanna read it again and again. My first John Green book was....The Fault in Our Stars (obviously) and later on, continued with Looking for Alaska and now I can't wait to start reading again. 
Currently, I've read 2 books from the list - 
To all the boys I've loved before by Jenny Han 
Was caught by the title and cover that reminds me of tumblr pictures, somehow.
I love the style of writing that Jenny wrote and how the story goes and what I was quite disappoint was there's no ending! :( Probably it's just a cliffhanger, i guess. Overall it's pretty good.  If you're into teen romance, you might like this novel. I'm planning to buy more novels from Jenny Han :)

 Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan 
Currently I'm still reading this book and so far, I like the story from the blend of ancient & modern technology and how mysterious about the bookstore and how the main character is gonna find out what happen. Perhaps, I will try to review on each of the novels? 

Comment down below and tell me what you've brought with 1 Malaysia book vouchers?
I would love to know! :)



  1. oh they allowed it to be used on novels? Lmao. I had around RM150 of the voucher left as I don't know what else to get -_-

    1. haha, then go purchase them to buy novels :D it expires on end of July!

  2. Eleanor & Park! Seriously that book is AMAZINGGG! (you'll love it!)
    Great haul by the way! :D

    ieyra | ♥



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