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Friday, July 25, 2014

Clarisonic's NEW Deep Pore Congesting Solution

Hello lovelies! When comes to makeup, people say prepping our skin is important but to be precise, skincare is crucial on our daily regime. Our skin condition may effect on what we put on our skin. To achieve flawless and smooth skin, cleansing is the key. So, I was invited to witness Clarisonic's NEW skincare; Deep Pore Decongesting Solution

Why does enlarged pores and oily skin happen? 
Pore are tiny openings on the skin's surface with hair follicles. While some genetics determine absolute pore size, pores may appear more noticeable when clogged with sebum, dirt, and debris. Especially on T-zone, forehead, nose and chin mostly happen clogged pores can often trap in irritating bacteria that causes infection, swelling and redness and eventually, acne. 

This skincare set comes with Clarisonic Mia 2 with Deep Pore Brush Head, following by Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and Decongesting Clay Mask
This skincare has 2 step dual-action solution for enlarged pores and oily skin

  1. Cleanse & RefineCleanse twice daily (with Deep Pore Brush Head & Deep Pore Daily Cleanser), this will help to penetrate deep into the pore to remove set-in debris. 
  2. Absorb & Decongest - Apply Decongesting Clay Mask twice weekly and leave on about 10-15 mins and gently remove with Deep Pore Brush Head. Skin will left leaving clean and feeling fresh and thoroughly decongested. 

According to Clarisonic, with just one use; the results will be as clear as 25% reduced pore appearance, 94% removal dirt, oil and excess sebum, and 93% of users increased their skin clarify within 3 days as tested
Clarisonic uses Sonic Technology for the first time and had advanced skincare to join forces. With using Sonic method, there's no vibration or spinning. They sonically designed formulas with the devices for amplified results. 
How does the Clarisonic Deep Pore works? 
Using fluid forces created by the brush head combined with foaming action of the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser to flush out the pores of impurities and excess sebum. With the better result, using Decongesting clay mask combined with the Deep Pore brush head helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and get rid the harmful pore-clogging toxins

During the session, Clarisonic team gave a simple demo of comparison with using fingers and Clarisonic. With both hands as our face and each hand has a eyeliner (represent makeup)

First test was using cleanser and fingers and rub on the surface where the eyeliner is, does it work? 

With a few rubs with the cleanser and water, there's still makeup trace on the skin. 

Next test: using Clarisonic Mia 2 along with Deep Pore brush head, added a little bit of Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and top of the brush head and start placing onto the skin as Clarisonic does its own job. 

Within seconds, I can see the result as the eyeliner trace started to disappear from the skin and I couldn't believe my eyes how fast this machine works! O.O

With only 10 seconds, the eyeliner trace is gone! O.O I'm impressed!

Here's the view comparison of each hand, and not the mention, her skin is so smooth like baby buttocks! :P

Next up for more better result, using Deep Pore Decongesting Clay Mask and squeeze a decent amount onto the clay bowl (depending how much your face needs)

By using mask brush, spread the mask over the skin with a thin layer and let it sit for 10-15 mins. 

Once time is up, using the Clarisonic Mia 2 with Deep Pore Brush Head (sprayed some water on the brush before cleansing) gently placed onto the skin and glide over in small circular motion to let it remove the clay mask. 

Comparison results and it's pretty obvious right? 
With the Decongesting Clay Mask has more effective results as your skin will appear brighter, cleaner and smoother too! 

Other than Clarisonic Mia 2, there's other Clarisonic models too!
The most basic, Mia with only 1 speed 

Mia 2, is the 2nd generation after Mia and it has better features with 2 speeds and 1 min timer. There's 2 years warranty too! 

Clarisonic ARIA, is the advanced sonic cleansing as it has 3 speeds, drying stand and USB enabled. 

Clarisonic PLUS is like the mother of all Clarisonics, it is bigger with 3 speeds, adjustable timer, changing cradle, body brush and 3 min body setting too! Not mention it's unique in design and colour! 

Each brush head is RM93 accordingly. (link for more)

Picture credit: Chency

Meet this beauties during the event and guess what, Carolyn was the lucky blogger to bring back the full set of Clarisonic Deep Pore and honestly, I'm jelly T-T but congrats, anyways! :)

Details on the Clarisonic Deep Pore
Price: RM590
Comes with: Clarisonic Mia 2, Universal Voltage pLink Charger, Protective Travel Case, Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Decongesting Clay Mask and Deep Pore Brush Head
Availability: Clarisonic counters at Pavilion Level 3, Parkson Pavilion or Sephora stores nationwide 

Note: Brush head need to change every 3 months for hygiene purposes. 

For more information, visit Clarisonic Malaysia for more updates;


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