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Sunday, June 29, 2014

[REVIEW] Melvita Nectar Pur; the new organic range for combination and oily skin

Hello lovelies! I've been suffered oily combination skin since high school and had been tried different types of skincare products and yes, some does give amazing effect onto my skin but right after I stopped using them, it's back. Thankfully, I was contacted by Melvita to try out their latest skincare range called, Nectar Pur

Nectar Pur created specifically for people with combination and oily skin that would purify, regulate and mattify onto the skin. The range is formulated with 2 main ingredient; peppermint and wasabi (I know right!). With all ingredients inside, with birch sap to purify and revitalise - rebalance and protect the skin. 

Peppermint : contains essential oil compound that helps limit the development of bacteria responsible for blemishes. 
Wasabi: helps to prevent the invasion of bacteria to protect the skin (by using the extract)

Nectar Pur range has 3 products; Purifying Cleansing Jelly, Mattifying Balancing Fluid and Purifying Roll-On. However, I got most of the range except the Purifying roll-on. 

I've tried approximately about more than a month ( I received during my exam week) and during that week, I had a few acne spots and also some oily skin due to stress and also, PMS. But no worries, I'm pretty sure this 2 products would save my skin, I will explain my results and feedback while explaining the product :)

Usually my normal cleanser is really foamy but when I tried using Purifying Cleansing Jelly, the texture is pretty much feel like jello and I wasn't used to this type of cleanser because it provides only foam in a minimal amount but gradually I'm A-ok with it. :)
After using this cleanser, my skin doesn't feel sticky and left with shine free but it doesn't stripped out the moisture. I've to agree with this product that said purifying, because it does! - the cleanser is really gentle onto my skin (my first impression, I thought this cleanser doesn't entirely cleanse my face) eventually, after trying out a month plus, my skin is more cleaner and clearer in tone. 

After washing my face, I proceed with my usual toner and serum and finally, I used Mattifying Balancing Fluid and I must say this stuff is amazing! Mattifying Balancing Fluid is a non-oily lotion that helps to balance and mattify combination and oily skin. 
The lotion is really light, gentle and easily absorbed onto my skin and once I've spread the lotion around my face, it leaves a soft and matte finish and moisturized too! The lotion has a light pleasant scent of peppermint (not overpowering) and I love apply this lotion as my makeup base or primer and it works well together with my foundations or bb creams leaving my skin matte and moisturized without feeling oily. Loving it :D

Final thoughts: 
I'm totally satisfied with the products which my skin has never been more balanced and the results is pretty much pleasing even though I didn't have any serious acne problems, just the minor ones that fades away eventually. However, the main thing that I love about is that it got rid of my oily skin leaving my skin matte and moisturized and so far, there's no any acne problems onto my skin thanks to wasabi ingredient that is on the product xD

Say hello to my bare face! #shameless
If you have oily and combination skin, I recommend you to try it! 
I tried it & loving it! :)

Details about the products; 
Purifying Cleansing Jelly | 200ml | RM98.00

Mattifying Balancing Fluid | 40ml | RM120.00

Melvita stores at Midvalley, Suria KLCC & One Utama F141 First Floor 
(directions here)

or you can purchase them online at


Wanted to try the products before buying the full size?
Now you can purchase Melvita Organic Starter kit for only RM59
Exclusively for online purchase and valid until July 15th 2014

If you wish to purchase, here's the direct link.

For more information, visit Melvita Malaysia for more updates;

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