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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[Review] CRES Wellness Body Regenerist Frutti Spa @ The Gardens

Hello lovelies! Honestly, this review has been delayed for the past few weeks and now it's finally here! Apologized for the delayed review post, guys! :)

I did this spa treatment right after my stressful weeks of assignment and exams and my backache starting to get serious because of countless nights of facing my computer, especially during my assignment weeks! Not only that, my backache is getting serious from all the stress that I'm going through and it's time to get my backache to get treated. Finally, I get to have my "me-time" and book my appointment at Cres Wellness in The Gardens branch, to do Body Regenerist Frutti Spa! :D

Since I was their first-time customer, I was asked to fill up the form to let them know what are my current body condition or any allergies that I have but nope, I don't have any allergies :)

Later, I was greeted and escorted by the masseuse to keep my belongings in the locker to avoid lost belongings. 

Proceeded to enter into the massage room and the room was spacious and cozy with soft music background and dim light. 

The masseuse kindly asked me to change and wear disposable 
(idk why I felt shy saying this lol!)

Here's the steps of Fruitti Spa treatment; 

#1 : Anti Stress Back Massage 
The masseuse started the massage with aromatic botanical essential oil that instantly felt calmed and relaxed. Meanwhile, she kindly asked if the pressure was okay for me and she repeatedly massage the most of the areas like back, shoulders, arms and legs which was so comfortable that I almost dozed off. This massage allows to stimulate detoxification through lymph nodes, increase blood circulation and de-stress the tensed muscles of the body.

#2 : Fruitti Yoghurt Masque 
Later she proceeded to apply with yoghurt masque all over my body that contains natural fruits extracts from pineapple, lemon, rose and orange. This masque is rich in Vitamin C and fruit enzymes that make my skin incredibly elastic and hydrated. Moreover, the lactic acid in the yoghurt is effective in reducing back acne and tightens pores that is enriched with pure essential oil from jojoba for a more moisturized and smooth complexion.  

#3 : Fruitti Scrub 
Followed by applying fruitti scrub which contains natural marine sea salt, luscious rose petals and pineapple puree. Th scrub is rich in vitamin B, C and E, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells of the body, expose a layer of young skin cell for a better absorption of vitamins, moisture and essence, leaving skin young, rejuvenated and baby-smooth. The scrub was a bit stingy as I have backache problems and I do inform the masseuse to lightly scrub onto my back. Nevertheless, it is good for people with backache problem would totally suit this treatment. 

#4 : Thermal Blanket Heat Infusion 
After applying masque and scrub, I was wrapped with a layer of thermal blanket that has heat infusion. This heat infusion promotes a high infiltration of essence and nutrients into the epidermis layer by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation through heat. The treatment will leave about 20 minutes where I was dozing off with warm blanket.  

#5 : Fruitti Bubble Bath 
Finally, the masseuse woke me up and brought me into a lavish, long soak in a tub of warm creamy bubble bath rich in vitamin B, C and E where I will unleashed my tensed muscles and stressed mind. The bubble bath contains fruits moisture, almond and lactic acid, effective in combating skin irritation, eczema and acne problems. Leaving my skin ultra smooth, white, young and hydrated. I was touching my back while I was soaking and my backache wasn't as stingy as it soothes my acne wounds. 

Finally my time with bubble bath 
My skin is so smooth after the treatment and look, even my knees is shinny! lololol

Meantime, I was served with tea and some snacks to enjoy my relaxing moment during my bubble bath session :D

Feeling calm and relaxed :) 

The fruitti bath session lasted for 20 minutes until the masseuse knocks the door and asked me to shower and get dressed :( aww, I wish I can more bubble bath time xD

Look! Here's my result of before and after treatment, I took the before picture on the day before my treatment and the only way to see obvious result with this treatment is my knees. You can see my skin is more brighter and smooth and not much dark spots as they were my stubborn dead skin. :O

You're interested to try out this spa treatment, you're in luck because there's special on-going offer for my readers! :D

You can get 1st Trial Body Regenerist Fruitti Spa @ RM78 (Nett Price: RM300) and FREE 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher by clicking this redemption link

You have to fill out your details for contact purposes and click submit, also don't forget to print out the e-voucher for redemption after they emailed you the e-voucher. Beforehand, Cres Wellness will contact and schedule an appointment for you. :)

You better hurry up because this offer only limited to first 50 people

Happy massage! :D


Cres Wellness
Lot FF-225, 4th Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: Mon-Sun | 10am - 8pm
Tel: +603-2287 6369


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