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Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Summer, let's get 360° Suncare Protection with Shiseido!

Hello lovelies! Did you know suncare is the most essential part of your skincare routine as suncare is your shield to protect from the scorching sun that would harm on our skin? Yes, it's really important that I would apply my sunscreen even though I don't wear makeup for that day, making it as a daily routine. 

If you realize that sometimes wearing sunscreen doesn't entirely protect your skin but to minimize the damaging effects of the sun to the skin even though you're using the highest SPF. Therefore, Shiseido recently found a solution with their latest product that found out the little gaps between the layer of the sun and the skin that focuses on the uneven surface of the skin. Introducing, Perfect UV Protector with SuperVeil-UV 360 technology

The skin's surface texture comes from its microscopic network of ridges and furrows. After discovering that this irregular surface texture can cause gaps in sunscreen application that leave skin open to UV rays and their resulting damage, Shiseido developed SuperVeil-UV 360 technology to provide optimal sunscreen application over the skin's intricate surface contours.This key technology has been featured in many new Shiseido suncare products to ensure even application over even the tiniest textural factors, for 360-degree skin protection. 

Shiseido Suncare protection items and foundations are formulated with ProfenseCEL, a complex of Syzygium Jambos Leaf Extract, Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract and Saxifraga Sarmentosa extract, to prevent wrinkles and spots by inhibiting UV-induced cellular damage, DNA damage and enzyme activity. 
Recently, I was invited to attend their launching event at The Loaf, Pavilion and that day was a great sunny day that I was able to have breakfast and chit-chat with the bloggers. Tons of blue and white balloons floating everywhere, outside the main entrance and I wasn't expecting to wear something blue that day but I was coincidentally wore it cause I had a mood to wear blue that day :D

Guess what, there's two adorable Volkswagen Beetle lounging outside Pavilion and I can't take my "awww" off by taking a picture with these cuties! Imagine me driving this Beetle while playing this song - "They see me rollin', they hatin' " HAHA

I don't really have any knowledge about Shiseido's sunscreen but lately, I've been trying out and this product has been my favorite sunscreen, so far! No stickiness or white casts leaving onto my skin; the texture is watery, absorbs fast and also leaving a total matte finish onto my skin! I was amazed by the product because as a user with oily combination skin, a sunscreen that is matte helps a lot onto my skin without feeling oily by the end of the day. Oh, it's also water resistant and perspiration resistant which is totally awesome to apply during summer!
Also, you can apply this sunscreen on your face and body during your sport and leisure because it's formulated with strong sunlight conditions that contains SPF50 PA++++!

 Yum, yums! 
 Shiseido folks made me a cartoon version of me, any similarity? 

Details of the product:
Price: RM130 / 150ml 
Availability: Shiseido counters and Sephora nationwide

For more information, visit Shiseido Malaysia for more updates: 

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