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Sunday, June 22, 2014

'Entreprenuers For Good' 2014 from The Arthur Guinness Projects in partnership with British Council

Hello lovelies! Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a big thing now and it's time to give back to the community as The Arthur Guinness Projects has organized a global programme called, "Entrepreneurs For Good" 2014 and Malaysia has took part on the second year in partnership with British Council. Basically, this project aims to contribute Malaysian social entrepreneurs to set a business not focused solely on profit but on actively the lives and livelihoods of the communities around them. 
 "The Arthur Guinness Projects is not all about funding. We pair financial support with business mentoring to work with people to bring their projects and ideas to the next level. We're proud to help them succeed in this work and to help society change for the better communities across Malaysia" - Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of GAB

"We are proud to support this growing movement by providing a platform for budding social entrepreneurs to realize their dreams." - Gavin Anderson, Country Director of British Council

20 semi-finalists were shortlisted from nationwide search road shows and were given business mentoring and training over the last 6 months. Finally, top 12 social ventures out of that were then selected to go into the final stages of the program. At the public pitch held in April 2014, the finalists then pitched their winning social business ideas in front of an expert panel of judges comprising of industry leaders and leading social enterprises out of which the final 6 awardees were chosen. 

During the event held in The Tavern @ Guinness Anchor Berhad, there were 12 booths were set up by the Top 12 finalists to share their business ideas. 

The 4 winners of Arthur Guinness Projects - British Council, "Entrepreneurs for Good" Award 

#1 The MAD Experience 
MAD is on the mission to empower everyday people to get involved in poverty alleviation by providing opportunities, tools and support they need to raise funds and volunteering to implement high impact projects that break the cycle of poverty. 

#2 Cleanbites 
Cleanbites is all about eating healthy. They innovated a subscription-based delivery service makes eating healthy easily achievable and affordable and also great tasting for people living busy lives. 

#3 Catama Craft Enterprise 
The Sarawakian crafts are beautiful but are slowly slipping out from the modern age, therefore Catama Craft is here to save these ingenuous traditional crafts that are created by rural underprivileged communities in Sarawak, Borneo to market out into international market and also, providing sustainable economy. 

 #4 BYOB Green Concepts 
 BYOB stands for Bring Your Own Bottles; it's a 3R concept (reduce, reuse, recycle) whereby allows public to bring their plastic empty bottles to store and refill them with a variety of cleaning products. 

2 winners of British Council's 'Entrepreneurs for Good' Award

#1 Shuttle Go (BUSCO)
Busco is a short distance, low density private shuttle service helping people in urban envionrments to make use of public transport in a sustainable way. 

#2 Ecocentric Transistions
Ecocentirc Transitions is committed to cultivating and environmentally empathetic and sustainable society by workshops and consulting, they aims to build environmental awareness in communities. 

The People's choice Award goes to.....

Tanoti helps to promote the traditional Malaysian craft of songket weaving by working with songket weavers to establish supply chains from bottom to up, building a viable and fair business which can sustain both the community and the craft. 

The six awardees will receive between RM20,000 & RM40,000 each as part of this year long programme, as well as training and mentoring and other assistance to help them reach their objectives. 

As for Tanoti awarded as "People's Choice Award" will be receiving training and mentorship from Arthur Guinness projects and British Council. 
Congratulations to all 7 Winners! 
All the best to these winners on their future business! 
Spot me behind lol! 

After the ceremony, everyone is rewarded with a pint of creamy Guinness. 
Yeeing & Mua! 

For more information, visit for more. 

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