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Monday, May 26, 2014

[REVIEW] Yves Rocher Comme une Évidence L'Eau de Parfum Intense

Hello lovelies! Last week I've received the most prettiest parcel & without knowing what to expect, it was a perfume from Yves Rocher. The parcel is so pretty with the perfume bottle surrounded by faux roses which makes me falls instantly. But in this post, I'm going to do a review of this fragrance from Yves Rocher, called Comme une Évidence L'eau de Parfum Intense. (Long name, I know)

L'Eau de Parfum Intense was launched recently in Malaysia as Yves Rocher introduced the more intense interpretation from the original of Comme une Evidence (2004).The secret of its formula hides in the blend of essential oils of Damascus rose and Jasmine grandiflorum blossom absolute with sunny accents.

L'Eau De Parfum Intense;

Top Notes: Damascus Rose, Jasmine Absolute
Middle Note: Praline
Base Note: White woods  

Essential oil of Damascus rose from the region of Isparta in Turkey provides an extraordinary scent and and possesses particular beauty. As Damascus rose is picked at dawn and provides a fruity-honey scent, that is infused with jasmine grandiflorum absolute grown in India. Fruity-honey rose and white jasmine are lightened and warmed with warm shades of the sun and together they create an exciting layered floral fragrance with irresistible sensuality.

This perfume are belongs to Chypre: Olfactory Family
Chypre fragrances are timeless fragrances with elegance and distinguished signature, and mysterious trial.  
Here's some Chypre fragrances that has created over 10 years,
 including L'Eau De Parfum Intense. About 18.5 millions of units sold worldwide since its creation in 2004. 

The creator of Comme Une Evidence fragrance, Annick Menardo; 

My verdict on this fragrance
As what they said that this new fragrance has been intensified with delicious notes of praline notes and enveloping sunny accent which gives a sensual scent. If you're fan of floral and rose-scented products, this might be your favourite. The first thing I smelled once I squirt on my wrist was the freshness of the rose but with the hint of sexiness because of the scent of musky and sensual rose scent that settles on my skin. Also, there's a hint of sweetness from Jasmine but not overly sweet. With most floral notes, the scent's elegance and refinement makes it appropriate to use on formal occasions. The scent is definitely feminine and also, romantically allure that it could be an ideal perfume during the spring time.  

Since it's EDP, there's no doubt that this perfume's lasting power and sillage of this fragrance scent is truly remarkable.With just one or two sprays, there's more than enough to keep you smelling lovely all day long. This has been my current favorite perfume of the month of May! :D

Packaging wise, it's nothing fancy but has the most classic bottle with a little pink ombre on the bottom of the bottle which creates a soft and feminine touch. 
Details about this fragrance; 
Weight: 50ml / 1.6 fl.o.z.
Price: RM179 
Availability: Yves Rocher stores, Parkson and Aeon counters. 

You can also purchase Yves Rocher products online too, with the purchase of RM100 will entitled to have FREE Shipping!
Here's the link

For more information, visit Yves Rocher for more updates: 



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