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Saturday, May 24, 2014

[REVIEW] Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks + Giveaway

Hello lovelies! I was introduced by a brand named Montagne Jeunesse and I knew about this product beforehand but I didn't get the chance to try it out because I didn't know if the product works for my skin, until they contacted me and send me some and so, I decided to try it out and share some feedback of what I feel about this product. FYI, I'm a face mask junkie lately! :P 

By the brand name itself, it has sound of a French name but this brand is based from UK. However, Montagne Jeunesse caters face masks that are affordable ‘beauty treats’ loved and trusted by women in over 80 countries worldwide, which are still No.1 face mask brand. Don't worry, they are made from best natural ingredients and over 20 years, they are against animal testing and are proud to be ‘Cruelty Free’ accredited.

Recently, Montagne Jeunesse had introduced their 2 new face masks - Manuka Honey Peel Off and Creamy Coconut Mud
The company send me an extra face mask and I decided to review all of them, I've been loving these masks! 

Ingredients: Coconut water for hydration & Shea Butter for smoothe and moisturize for tired skin.  

My verdict: This face mask has a rich, creamy and buttery texture and has a scent of delicious yummy coconut (as what the title said). Once I applied onto my skin, it has a tingling sensation onto my skin as I guess it warms up my skin. This mud mask helps to cleanse your pores and take out impurities and excess sebum from your skin. Once it's dried (on the left picture), it's easy to wash off and my skin feels more refresh, more brighter and less dull skin

However, I can't always use this mask because this mask has Shea butter ingredient that has some "oil" that my skin (oily combination skin) could cause pimples. So, I recommend this mud mask for people with dry skin

Ingredients: Manuka Honey & Jasmine - nature's cleanser that leave your skin purified and smooth. 

My verdict: Since it's a peel off mask, it certainly has gluey and sticky texture with amazing scent of Maunka honey. Manuka honey are from the Manuka Bushes of New Zealand creating the renowned Manuka Honey. Once it applied onto my skin, it has a cooling sensation that I like :D I leave about approximately, 15 - 20 minutes once the mask is fully dry and tight. 

Once it's dried, just peel the mask! (that's the best part of peel mask, especially for lazy people like me lol) I just like the feeling of after peeling off the mask, it leaves my skin more brighter and feeling smooth like baby's bottom. haha!
There's directions of using each mask, on the back of the mask pack. 

Ingredients: Aloe Vera and Willow - enlivens your skin and combat unsightly blemishes

My verdict: This mask has a thick and creamy consistency with white colour masque and it has a strong scent that smells like....vapour rub, but not in an unpleasant way. The masque spreads easily onto my skin and leaves my skin soothing and cooling sensation. Once the masque started to dry, it started to hardens which causes tightening feeling (it's more like a clay mask). It tooks me about 5 minutes to wash up the mask but I love the feeling of freshly washed mask as my skin feels fresh and smooth and the mask did cleansed my pores and it does smoothed my redness of my skin (areas like the sides of my nose)

I used it consistently about a week and I seen my skin has improved as my blemishes started to fade away as sometimes I do have breakouts about once or twice a month, especially "the time of the month". This masque is best suited for oily and combination skin. 

RM 5.90 (per sachet) 

2 - 3 times application per sachet 

Watsons and other regional retailers such as Georgetown Pharmacies; Bison; Health Lane; GooGoo


If you're keen to try out, here's your chance! 
Montagne Jeunesse Malaysia is generous enough to give out 20 masques to all of you! 

All you have to do is by clicking this link:

Later, complete the form by entering your details and 
include my blog address:, under "name of referral blog" column 
and click register! 

*ps: Blemish mud is not included from this giveaway & for Malaysian residents only* 

Montagne Jeunesse Malaysia will directly contact you via email if you're one of the winners :D 

Cheerio & Good Luck! 

For more information visit Montagne Jeunesse Malaysia for more updates: 

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